Differential problems with vehicles

We are currently repairing and replacing a lot of rear differentials in vehicles from our garage workshop pictured below.

181 Differential problems with vehicles

DSC 0463aadf1 Differential problems with vehicles

On our specialist ramp we have a BMW vehicle pictured below.

DSC 0619 Differential problems with vehicles

The vehicle owner came to the garage experiencing a knocking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle was still moving however the noise was quite frankly doing the owners head in. We checked the vehicle over and could see immediately what the problem was because of damage to the rear differential which we replaced and this solved the problem.

If you’re wondering what a differential is we can explain. The differential gear allows the wheels to go around at different speeds while also gaining power from the engine. A good example to help you understand are go-karts. Go Karts do not normally have differentials as the wheels spin at the same speed however on a car when you are going from 1st to 2nd and then 3rd etc the wheels will need to spin at different speeds while receiving the power from the engine, this is what the diff does it allows the wheels to spin at different speeds.

A differential is shown below to give you an idea of what a differential looks like.

269 Differential problems with vehicles

A classic sign you have a problem with the differential in a car is when you hear large knocking noises and screeching whining noises. A differential fault will also cause the vehicle to drag when accelerating in a straight line, you won’t be moving as quickly if you have a differential problem. Differentials normally need servicing when your vehicle has been out on the road for a high number of miles normally 140,000 miles plus.

It is very important that you come to a garage that diagnose a differential properly. If you have drag out when out on the road you will feel it especially when travelling at low speed say around 20mph. If a garage miss-diagnoses the fault as a brake problem and not differential then you are one going to be out of pocket for a problem that wasn’t even there and two left with the same differential fault that is causing the problem.

This is why you must pick the most honest garages like ours who are reliable. We have been servicing vehicles for over 10 years and have mechanics here who have over 30 years combined experience under our roof. Our mechanics can help solve any differential problems you are experiencing and get you back out on the road pronto.

Here are photos of our mechanics putting heads together solving all kinds of vehicle dilemmas especially differential faults.

338 Differential problems with vehicles

171 Differential problems with vehicles

519 Differential problems with vehicles

119 Differential problems with vehicles

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DSC 0463aadf Differential problems with vehicles

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