Don’t worry you dont have to go to a main dealer for repairs your car warranty is still safe

When you purchase a car from the main dealer and spend thousands on your vehicle, do the main dealers tell you that if you go to another independent garage like ours pictured below for repair work your warranty becomes void.

12342 Dont worry you dont have to go to a main dealer for repairs your car warranty is still safe

DSC 0463aadf Dont worry you dont have to go to a main dealer for repairs your car warranty is still safe 

We are here to tell you that this is not correct.

Since 2013 there has been a right to repair campaign launched under something called Block Exemption. You are entitled to go to any independent garage to get repair work carried out on your vehicle and your warranty is not written off it is still intact.

The main dealers would like you to go to their garage at their main shop as they want the vehicle service work to continually go to them. The main dealers are also very expensive and make a lot of money from the repair work they carry out, we will show you examples later.

But first lets look at Block Exemption and the right to repair campaign that gives you and independent garages the right to service and repair your vehicle.

Block Exemption is a regulation setup in the business industry, which stops companies from monopolising services, basically in this case what the main car dealers have tried to do, such as saying if you go to an independent garage your warranty on your car becomes void forcing a consumer to always go to the main dealer.

The Block Exemption regulation protects you, the independent garage and also saves you thousands avoiding high priced main dealer costs when it comes to vehicle service work.

Why you need to shop around for vehicle service work

The Block Exemption regulation is a good thing for motorists especially if you have just bought a new car and it is under warranty. We explain why here and give actual examples.

We had a Nissan vehicle owner come to our garage, the vehicle is pictured on the ramp below.

DSC 0818 Dont worry you dont have to go to a main dealer for repairs your car warranty is still safe 

The problem with the Nissan vehicle was the cam belt had snapped in the engine, the cam belt snapping caused all kinds of engine problems that needed repairing. The vehicle owner went to the main dealer and was quoted £6000 to replace the cam belt and carry out the engine repair work. This is a lot of money!

With this being a high price the Nissan vehicle owner shopped around. He found our garage and we quoted £1800 to replace the cam belt on the engine and carry out additional engine repair work.

This is a £4200 saving for the Nissan vehicle owner.

This is how the Block Exemption regulation has protected you. If the Nissan vehicle owner had to go to the main dealer for the engine repairs it would have cost £6000. But because the Block Exemption regulation is in place, the Nissan vehicle owner was able to go to an independent garage such as ours, save £4200 and the warranty of the vehicle is not void at all but completely intact.

Check out the Mercedes GLA 200d, pictured below.

247 Dont worry you dont have to go to a main dealer for repairs your car warranty is still safe 

This vehicle is less than two years old. It is under warranty however it is pictured above on our service ramp, a ramp we have invested over £50,000 in dedicated for German vehicles. Having specialist ramps only enables us to service vehicles more reliably at affordable prices. The thing to remember here is though, the Mercedes owner has come to our independent garage to have repair work carried out and the warranty is still intact under the Block Exemption regulation.

We are just as specialist as a main dealer if not more specialist when it comes to vehicle service work

We saved the Nissan vehicle owner £4200. We carried out vehicle service work from our garage that was just as specialist if not more specialist than if your vehicle was sitting under the roof of a main dealer garage.

At A1 Diagnostics over the last year we have invested £100,000 in new vehicle technology upgrading our garage. We have specialist equipment to diagnose faults with your vehicle. We can service the latest vehicle models from the garage and, remember your warranty is not void as you are protected under Block Exemption. Also your wallet is protected as we are saving motorists thousands.

So we hope this has helped you see that you are perfectly entitled to shop around when you need vehicle service and vehicle repair work, we can save you thousands like we did with the Nissan vehicle owner and still deliver a first class service using all of the latest vehicle servicing technology. Get in touch we can help you.

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