What to look for in a good vehicle service garage

We have been recently raising awareness about a big problem in our industry. So today we are going to continue to help motorists on how to identify a good garage like ours pictured below and what to look out for.

DSC 0463aadf1 What to look for in a good vehicle service garage 

Firstly though, a quick recap. We have brought to your attention to look out for Facebook pages run by garages that have fake likes attached to them. Just because a Facebook page has 5000, 10,000 or even 20,000 likes on their page does not make them a trust worthy garage or Facebook page for that matter. These likes may have been bought abroad and only fake profile’s have propped up the figures.

180 What to look for in a good vehicle service garage

The best thing we can do is help motorists identify what to look for in a good garage. Here are some guidelines and things you can look for.

A great start would be to look for a blog on the garages website. Is the blog regularly updated? Are there plenty of vibrant photos showing what mechanics are up to in the garage. Our blog makes for interesting reading and can help vehicle owners with all kinds of topics such as, warranty advice, engine advice and what we can do to help you if you have any problems with your vehicle.

Read through our blog linked below and there is enough information on our garage for you to see we mean business.


Our blog contains examples on how we can save you money compared with main dealers and how we are one of the most high tech in South Wales when it comes to vehicle technology.

Another thing to look out for are 5 star reviews posted on Facebook. These are physical reviews posted by our customers, nothing fake about these. An example of a 5 star review we have recently gained is shown below.

mich1 What to look for in a good vehicle service garage 

“Been going to A1 for about 6 years now – can’t recommend them highly enough – staff are always friendly and helpful – brilliant job!”

This might seem simple but the best practices in anything you do normally are. Look at the size of the operation and go visit the garage. We welcome new motorists to visit us and check out our garage. if you’re going to spend £2000 we believe you have every right to come and take a look.

A photo of our garage is shown below, the picture speaks for itself and shows the scale of our garage operation. We have 10 ramps and these ramps are being used everyday by customers who are happy with our service, price, reliability and speed of service.

garage What to look for in a good vehicle service garage 

We are a BOSCH service garage pictured below. This means we work under the umbrella of BOSCH service guidelines. This means we use the latest vehicle technology provided by BOSCH.

12342 What to look for in a good vehicle service garage

x253 What to look for in a good vehicle service garage 

BOSCH are known for being at the forefront of vehicle servicing because of their investment in vehicle technology. Not only are BOSCH an industry leader they ensure they remain so by auditing garages working under their umbrella.

Only recently were we audited by BOSCH and passed the audit with flying colours. We were awarded with a certificate of acknowledgment for car service quality and outstanding results produced from our Cardiff based service garage, the certificate is shown below and is also on display at the garage.

DSC 03852 What to look for in a good vehicle service garage 

So, to conclude, in this article we have shown motorists a few things to look out for when using a garage. Look for certificates of excellence, visit the garage to see the scale of the garage, look for testimonials and read through the garages blog.

By doing these things you can come up with a fair judgement whether that garage would be suitable to use. Don’t get sucked into fake Facebook pages and false social media campaigns as you could end up with working with a very bad garage and your wallet being stung and your poor vehicle not being fixed.

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