Happy New Year to everyone have a great 2018

Happy New Year! We hope you all have a great start to the year and that 2018 is a great year for you. As we move into the new year we just want to give you a few reasons why you should choose A1 Diagnostics in 2018. Our theme this year is going to continue to educate motorists in Cardiff and the South Wales area on how we can save them money and avoid getting a bad service from backstreet garages.

Firstly we are a big garage. We have gone from 5 ramps to 11 ramps and are growing, we can service up to 20 cars every day. The reason we are growing is because we have invested in all of the latest ramp technology and facilities that help us deliver a reliable service. Our garage workshop is pictured below.

DSC 0781 Happy New Year to everyone have a great 2018


You see it is very important to us that we service your vehicle and get you back out on to the road reliably. In 2017 we warned motorists time and again that if you go to a backstreet garages you may well have a traumatic experience, mainly because backstreet garages are not delivering a reliable service. Backstreet garages are not investing in vehicle technology having no adequate modern day facilities and are no longer able to service the most modern day vehicle.


We have always given you price examples on our blog. You might be well aware of the Nissan vehicle we serviced last year pictured below.

DSC 0818 Happy New Year to everyone have a great 2018

We saved this Nissan motorist from Cardiff £4200 on an engine repair as the main dealer quoted £6000. We carried out the work for £1800 using all of the latest dealer levels tools and facilities under our own garage roof.


Throughout 2017 we published many five star testimonials, we will continue to do the same in 2018. It is important that people know we are a trustworthy garage and have confidence in our services. Here are our most recent five star reviews shown below.

Untitled 1aaa Happy New Year to everyone have a great 2018

Great service and honest garage, had my car looked at by A1 Diagnostics and had a fault with a misfire on the car. My local garage told me it was going to cost a lot of money. However £75 later with A1 the car was fixed and cheaper than what the original quote was. Highly recommended!

Untitled 1asd Happy New Year to everyone have a great 2018

“I went to A1 Diagnostics with my Touran TDI with engine cutting out constantly. They helped me find the problem and were great, very professional and they knew exactly what they were doing, 5 star!”

c4 Happy New Year to everyone have a great 2018

“Amazing service as always… had problems with other garages but these boys sorted my car straight away.”

Untitled 19 Happy New Year to everyone have a great 2018

“Had my 2014 VW transporter remapped by A1 Diagnostics I must say the van is a different animal all together. I’m very happy with the van and the service and honesty of A1 Diagnostics. Thank you everyone for the help I’m a very happy customer.

Will return in the future for service and Mot’s.”

We hope this has given you more of a reason to pick up the phone and call us in 2018, we are only a click away from an email. Contact us for any advice you need we are happy to help so get in touch.

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