It is illegal to drive your vehicle without DPF filters

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181 It is illegal to drive your vehicle without DPF filters

The DPF cleaning service is a service that will help you save money and help the engine in your car. We need to mention something that is quite important when it comes to the DPF filter in your car. A lot of garages are out there and are advertising that they remove DPF filters from vehicles, well firstly let us tell you that it is illegal to drive your vehicle without DPF filters.

It was reported by the BBC that thousands of drivers were driving without crucial diesel filters in 2017. The reason motorists want to remove DPF filters is because it can be costly to replace them, however if they are removed and not replaced then it causes problems with pollution and air quality in cities and towns.

The health risks for people become far higher because poor air quality leads to illnesses in people like lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes and can even effect pregnant women and the health of the child they are carrying.

MOT inspections are often missing the fact that DPF filters are not there which has led the government to bring out better ways of enforcing checks to ensure if there is no DPF filter then the vehicle will fail the MOT.

If you are having problems with your DPF filter we have the solution under our garage roof. We have a Carbon Clean service that cleans the DPF filter and keeps it in good condition so you dont have to replace the DPF filter which can cost a lot of money.

So, avoid the cost of a new DPF filter or even taking the risk of driving without one. We invest in the very best equipment that cleans the engine of any carbon build up as well as maintaining the standard of your DPF filter.

Here is our Carbon Clean machine pictured below.

DSC 05011 It is illegal to drive your vehicle without DPF filters

We use all of the state of the art cleaning DPF solutions ensuring the DPF filter is thoroughly cleaned. Here is a recent vehicle in the garage having the engine cleaned and the DPF filter cleaned using our Carbon Clean machine.

DSC 0500 It is illegal to drive your vehicle without DPF filters

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44 It is illegal to drive your vehicle without DPF filters 

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