Our latest testimonials and vehicle service work

Over the past six weeks we have been very busy servicing vehicles of all brand types and have received brand new testimonials from happy clients. Here is an overview of the work we have been carrying out which will give you a great insight to the diverse services we can offer from simple jobs to more complex work and our motto is there is no work to little or too big for A1 Diagnostics.

1234 Our latest testimonials and vehicle service work


Here are the latest testimonials and reviews we have received recently from customers happy with the servicing they have had from our garage workshops.

Beth Edwards

“I’ve had two MOTs at A1 and have had a great experience both times! Really nice and honest staff.”

Neil Ware Jones

“Repaired my turbo – I can’t fault the service or the team.”

Karl Harris

“Wonderful people and service as always from A1 Diagnostics. My car’s engine problems were repaired quickly and without any trouble. Thank you again.”

Matthew Brown

“Really happy with my Fiat Punto repair after its MOT fail. I expected big costs on this car due to its age but I’m happy you were able to keep the costs down. P.S. – I’m also delighted with how clean the car was when I picked it up.”

Lucy Ann Evans

“I was sent here firstly for a problem with my brake pad warning light which required a full set of pads and discs all round. The garage went above and beyond the call of duty by liaising with the insurance company and the Audi garage as well as fixing the problem on the car. Normally I don’t like going to garages but they made me feel so welcome. The people are all really friendly and they gave me a free coffee icon smile Our latest testimonials and vehicle service work I would definitely recommend this garage.”

Some of the work we have carried out

Here are a selection of photos we have taken showing vehicles in our garage workshop and we start with our latest service a Jaguar XKR pictured below receiving an upgraded engine from a 5 litre to a 5.2 litre giving the vehicle extra power.

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Our next photos is of a BMW going through our MOT test lane, we are VOSA approved and have two MOT test lanes and you can get your MOT from as little as £20.

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A couple of weeks ago a customer came to our garage and said they were experiencing heavy vibrations and noise towards the front end of the car, on examination we found that the front wheel bearings needed replacing, we replaced these in quick time and the AUDI A4 pictured below was back out on the road running smoothly.

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The Mercedes below came into our garage for a complete service. We checked everything from the oil levels, air filters, brakes, air conditioning and more. Servicing your vehicle regularly prevents underlying problems becoming more costly repairs.

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We also serviced a Land Rover Range Rover Sport and replaced the front brakes and fixed the seat bases inside the vehicle.

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This Audi A5 came into our workshop with smoke billowing out the exhaust. On inspection we found the turbo was completely worn and needed replacing.

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We received an enquiry from a driver who owned a Nissan Navarra 4×4 which had completely lost its drive due to a gearbox problem. We replaced the faulty part with a reconditioned gearbox getting the vehicle back out on the road in no time at all.

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We recently serviced a Land Rover Freelander and repaired a power steering hydraulic problem. The steering had become stiff and heavy when driving and on examination we found the steering pumps were completely worn. We fitted new pumps to make the steering smooth and responsive once again.

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For more information about any of vehicle repair services, please get in touch using the information below.

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