Our recent vehicle service work

It’s that time again where we tell you about some of the recent work we have been carrying out at our garage vehicle workshop based here in the heart of Cardiff. It has been a very busy quarter of the year for us, here is a recent photo we have taken with vehicles ready and waiting to be brought into the garage for servicing by our mechanics with years of experience in vehicle maintenance and vehicle servicing.

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We start off with an R8 Audi car that was brought to us as it was experiencing steering problems and the steering wheel feeling very heavy when turning into corners, we diagnosed the problem and we found that the pump shaft had become faulty and had warn away considerably, we informed the vehicle owner who then gave us approval to order the part in and then replace the faulty pump. Not only did we fit the new pump the owner instructed us to change the oil in the engine as well so we replaced the oil while waiting for the part to be delivered, the Audi R8 is now back out on the road driving perfectly.

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We not only service just German manufactured vehicles like Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen but we can also service vehicles like Ford, Renault, Peugeot and more. Pictured below we have a Peugeot vehicle and it was found that the exhaust bracket had failed, we repaired and installed a new exhaust bracket to the vehicle and the exhaust is now mounted safely to the vehicle.

DSC 0847 Our recent vehicle service work 

Our next vehicle is a Volvo and here we carried out maintenance on the brakes ensuring they were road worthy, the back brakes were practically warn away so we replaced the back brakes, a simple job that takes no time at all, the vehicle owner is now back out on the road.

z Our recent vehicle service work 

Pictured below we have a Crisler 300 vehicle that was experiencing alternator problems when starting the vehicle, we knew it was an alternator problem as when the car was being started there was a clicking noise this is a symptom of either a loose connection with the car battery or the alternator is faulty, we advised the vehicle owner of the problem and advised to replace the alternator and the car battery, the owner gave us the go-ahead and now has a brand-new alternator and car battery and the vehicle is now starting perfectly.

z1 Our recent vehicle service work 

Our last vehicle we are going to mention is a Vauxhall Astra shown below, here we replaced all four wheels and the two lower wishbones of the vehicle.

110 Our recent vehicle service work 

210 Our recent vehicle service work 

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