Our recent vehicle service work

We have been very busy at our Cardiff based vehicle service garage pictured below and have been servicing retail customers as well as our normal trade customers. Here are a range of vehicle maintenance jobs we have carried out recently showing you the diverse range of work we are able to carry out demonstrating there is no job too simple or complex we cannot undertake.

112 Our recent vehicle service work 

Firstly we have an Audi A5 and our mechanics installing a new clutch as the previous clutch had burned and warn away, the vehicle owner knew there was something wrong with the clutch as they could smell a rotten eggy smell inside the vehicle, the car is now back out on the road with a new clutch and the vehicle is working perfectly.

58 Our recent vehicle service work 

49 Our recent vehicle service work 

Our next vehicle is a Mercedes E250, the owner was having problems with the engine, we diagnosed what the problems were however there were lots of faults, we recommended to the owner to carry out an engine rebuild replacing some of the faulty parts with new parts, we have now completely stripped the engine fitted the new parts and fitted the engine back into the vehicle and the car is running perfectly, we know these photos don’t look pretty but here are photos of the vehicle in our garage but we can assure you the engine is sounding pretty.

63 Our recent vehicle service work 

73 Our recent vehicle service work 

82 Our recent vehicle service work 

91 Our recent vehicle service work 

We recently serviced a Honda CRV as the air conditioning had stopped working, on first inspection we could see straight away that the air conditioning pump had become faulty, we ordered the new part fitted it and the air con is now working and we have a very cool and happy customer.

101 Our recent vehicle service work 

Our next vehicle is a Mazda 3 car, this car was due for a standard service, here we inspected the vehicle from top to bottom and couldn’t find anything wrong with the vehicle or anything that needed any repairs or maintenance, so we don’t just find problems if there isn’t a problem we tell the vehicle owner the happy news.

310 Our recent vehicle service work 

Our last vehicle to let you know about is an Audi A4 car, the owner was complaining about not being able to select gears properly, on inspection we quickly saw that the master cylinder had become faulty which caused the gear selection problems, we replaced the master cylinder and the vehicle is now back out on the road selecting gears perfectly and running smoothly.

212 Our recent vehicle service work 

Open a trade account with us

Are you a Cardiff based garage and need an extra hand with equipment facilities? If so why don’t you think about opening a trade account with us, we service and maintenance vehicles for many trade customers and have done so for a number of years. We invest in the most up-to-date vehicle technologies and diagnosis equipment ensuring that we stay ahead in our industry.

Here is one example and evidence of the equipment we have invested in this year demonstrating our commitment in ensuring we have the best facilities at our Cardiff based vehicle service garage. We recently invested £20,000 in an Autologic Diagnostics System pictured below.

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12342783 1052979371400837 4675985169116481368 n Our recent vehicle service work 

The Autologic system and software can be plugged into many brands of vehicle helping us identify and find the exact faults. This software and system investment will help us ensure a much more reliable vehicle service pin pointing the exact problem and faults, we then fix and repair the exact fault so the vehicle owner does not have to keep coming back to the garage with problem after problem and receiving bill after bill. This is just one example of our commitment in investing in the best facilities and technology.

Contact A1 Diagnostics

For any further information please use the contact details below.

26 Our recent vehicle service work 

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