Our recent vehicle service work

Its been a while since we let you know about what kind of vehicle service work is being carried out from our garage pictured below.

garage Our recent vehicle service work

DSC 0402a1 Our recent vehicle service work

So here are a few vehicles in the garage today having general maintenance and repair work carried out. We start our focus on a holiday home. We are seeing lots of campervans and holiday home enquiries. We have all of the expertise to carry out vehicle maintenance on all kinds of vehicles of all shapes and sizes as the photos show below, an example being this holiday home up on our specialist ramps.

1781 Our recent vehicle service work

253 Our recent vehicle service work

349 Our recent vehicle service work

This holiday home was in for an MOT. Yes we can MOT your holiday homes as well as normal family cars and vehicles. The holiday home vehicle passed its MOT with flying colours, no problems were found. We don’t just try to look for problems so that we can rack up repair bills, we are an honest garage unlike other garages.

Pictured below we have a Hyundai IX20 on one of our ramps having the brakes replaced.

7241 Our recent vehicle service work

821 Our recent vehicle service work

The owner of the Hyundai vehicle was complaining of problems with braking. He was feeling a grinding noise and grinding metal like feeling. We checked over the brakes and we could see that the rear brakes had completely warn away. When the owner of the Hyundai was braking and applying the pressure the brake pads were pushing against the rim, this meant friction metal against metal causing the grinding noise and feeling. We replaced the brakes and the owner is back out on the road braking smoothly.

Pictured below we have a Mercedes A-Class vehicle.

4431 Our recent vehicle service work

The vehicle owner brought his Mercedes vehicle to the garage as has he was experiencing lack of power when putting his foot down on the accelerator. The owner also noticed heavy volumes of smoke coming from the exhaust. These are classic signs of the turbo becoming faulty.

Firstly we checked the exhaust systems and the fuel system as if there are gremlins in these systems these can cause a turbo to fail. Having inspected these elements we could see that the turbo pipe had become damaged and needed replacing. We replaced the turbo pipe and the vehicle is now back out on the road running fine.

This is not the first time we have experienced cracked turbo pipes in Mercedes vehicles. Only last month did we have a Mercedes owner with the same problem, so if you own a Mercedes A-Class and are experiencing the same symptoms as mentioned above get in touch we can help.

Pictured below we have a BMW 1 Series.

621 Our recent vehicle service work

This car was in for a full service. Here we checked over all parts of the vehicle to make sure everything was ok. We checked everything from oil filters, the air conditioning system, braking system, the engine and other systems. If you are due a service then get in touch we ensure all elements of your vehicle are checked over thoroughly.

Lastly we have another Mercedes A-Class vehicle pictured below.

5341 Our recent vehicle service work

Similar to the BMW this vehicle was brought to our garage as it was due a service. We checked over all of the vehicles systems where we found the brakes needed replacing along with an oil change.

We have mechanics with years of experience under our roof. We carry out complex work from engine rebuilds to the smaller jobs like electric window faults. There is no job too big or too small for us so get in touch we are here to help.

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12341 Our recent vehicle service work 

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