Our recent vehicle service work

Every now and then we like to chuck in what work we have been carrying out from the garage. So, here we go again. It’s been another busy spell for us servicing major car brand vehicles from all over South Wales from our garage pictured below.

garage Our recent vehicle service work

We kick off with a Mercedes CLK vehicle pictured below.

x13 Our recent vehicle service work

The owner of the vehicle was having problems with getting power down on to the road. This Mercedes vehicle is a 6 cylinder engine but on this occasion the ignition leads became faulty and was only distributing power to 5 cylinders this was causing the loss of power.

We ordered the new ignition leads and replaced the faulty leads and the vehicle is now getting the correct power distribution to all 6 cylinders in the engine.

The next vehicle we worked on only this morning is a Ford car pictured below.

x23 Our recent vehicle service work

When the vehicle was turning into corners large creaking sounds were being heard throughout the vehicle. There was also a problem with the hand break not locking correctly and was very loose when parking. The cause of the creaking sound was the ball joint had become faulty in the wheel and the rubber band had split which led to oil escaping and drying out the ball joint.

We replaced the ball joint with a new rubber band which solved the creaking and squeaking sounds. We also tightened the hand break so when the vehicle is parked a solid break is in place giving the car owner complete confidence.

The next vehicle we have is a Mini Cooper up on the ramp pictured below.

x34 Our recent vehicle service work

x42 Our recent vehicle service work

After diagnosis, it was clear to see there was a Crankshaft pully fault on the engine. The crank shaft is what supports the timing belt and if there is a problem with the crankshaft then it can cause other engine problems.

Signs you have a crankshaft problem are heavy vibrations and heavy noises coming from the underneath the bonnet. We replaced the crankshaft and the vehicle is now back out on the road vibration free and noise free.

The next vehicle we have is a Volkswagen car on our specialist ramp that specialises on German vehicles. This vehicle pictured below was going through a standard MOT and passed with flying colours with no faults or advisories.

x6 Our recent vehicle service work

The next vehicle is a Vauxhall on our second MOT test lane pictured below.

x7 Our recent vehicle service work

Everything passed apart from one slight problem the horn was not working. We replaced the horn and the Vauxhall car passed its MOT.

As you have probably seen from the above we can service any kind of diverse fault with vehicles of all brand types. If you have a problem with the hand break, wheel, engine or horn then we can help. Our motto is there is no job to big or too small for us so give us a call or drop us an email we are happy to help.

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181 Our recent vehicle service work 

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