Our recent vehicle service work

It’s that time of the month again where we let you know about some of the recent vehicle service work being carried out from our garage workshop pictured below.

12342 Our recent vehicle service work

garage Our recent vehicle service work

Recently we have seen a large number of ECU enquiries flooding through. The good news is we have a state of the art electrical bay with all of the latest equipment needed to repair electrical faults.

An example of a recent vehicle in our electrical bay with an electrical problem is this Volkswagen Golf pictured below.

192 Our recent vehicle service work

There was an immobiliser authorisation problem which prevented the vehicle from starting, we reprogrammed the ECU to enable the vehicle to start.

Pictured below we had a Mercedes vehicle.

264 Our recent vehicle service work

This vehicle had come into the garage after experiencing a loss of power when out on the road. The vehicle owner reported that a large amount of black smoke was billowing out of the exhaust. This is a classic symptom of the turbo being burned out and needed replacing, we replaced the turbo and the vehicle is back out on the road back to full power.

Pictured below we have a Range Rover on the ramp.

358 Our recent vehicle service work

This vehicle was in for a standard service and had all the brakes replaced both on the front and back wheels. If you need brakes for your vehicle these are jobs we can do quickly normally on the same day.

Pictured below we have a Volvo vehicle.

452 Our recent vehicle service work

Like the Mercedes mentioned earlier. The turbo on this Volvo vehicle had become burned out and needed a new turbo. We ordered the turbo and installed the new turbo parts within a day getting the driver back out on the road quickly.

Pictured below we have a Suzuki Swift.

543 Our recent vehicle service work

Put simply this car went through its MOT and flew through the test lane passing with no failures or any advisories. We informed the customer who was happy to hear the news.

Lastly we have a Land Rover pictured below.

628 Our recent vehicle service work

Similar to the Range Rover mentioned earlier this vehicle was in to have its brakes replaced. The vehicle owner was hearing grinding noises and was juddering heavily when trying to slow and stop the vehicle, a classic sign that the brake pads are worn away and needed replacing. No problem for us we ordered in the brake pads and fitted them within a few hours and got the vehicle owner back out on the road in no time at all.

Our motto is “There is no job too big or too small for us”. It doesn’t matter if you have a small fault such as a light bulb going pop in the headlight or the engine going bang under the hood, we can solve any vehicle related problems so drop us an email or call we are happy to help.

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pe Our recent vehicle service work

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