Our recent vehicle service work

Here we go again. It’s that time where we tell you all about the work being carried out from our garage workshop based in Cardiff pictured below.

DSC 0463aadf1 Our recent vehicle service work

We have recently written about the cold weather conditions and how it can cause problems for the vehicles engine. This month we have seen a big increase in engine enquiries with motorist coming to our garage experiencing problems with the engine.

Therefore we start off with three vehicles in for engine servicing. Firstly pictured below we have a Mini up on the ramp.

364 Our recent vehicle service work

The oil pressure had completley dropped because a broken valve ripped a hole through a piston. The oil therefore escaped causing the loss of pressure, the hot oil then caused blue smoke coming from the exhaust valve. Basically the Minis engine blew big.

However this was not a problem for us, we got the Mini towed to the garage and supplied and fitted a second hand low mileage engine all turned around in less than 3 working days. Because we have access to large amounts of engine stock we can turnaround engine fittings very quickly.

The next vehicle we have in the garage is this Hyundai i800. This vehicle was in because the vehicle owner was hearing a large knocking sound coming from the engine.

199 Our recent vehicle service work

The cause of the knocking sound was the fly wheel had become misaligned. A flywheel is what keeps the engine working and in motion, if it becomes misaligned with the crankshaft it will cause a knocking sound. We replaced the faulty flywheel and the engine is now working correctly and efficiently.

The next vehicle we are going to take a look at is this Ford Focus pictured below.

458 Our recent vehicle service work

This vehicle had a pretty serious overheating problem with the engine. Because the engine was overheating the headgasket metal casing expanded and failed. The headgasket job is to keep coolant and oil separated but when the headgasket fails it can no longer do this. We replaced the headgasket and additional engine repairs and the vehicle is back out on the road working as it should.

Pictured below we have an Audi A3 in because it hard a parking sensor fault.

548 Our recent vehicle service work

We have talked about how we tackle complicated engine rebuilds, repairs and fittings however our motto is there is no job too big or too small for us, well this is a perfect example. We repalced the parking sensor which is a relativley simple task compared with rebuilding an engine.

Lastly we look as this Nissan vehicle pictured below.

732 Our recent vehicle service work

This vehicle was in for a standard MOT and passed with flying colours. We have three MOT test lanes and can MOT up to 10 vehicles everyday.

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258 Our recent vehicle service work

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