Is your vehicles engine misfiring

We recently had a Kia car come to the garage as the owner was having misfiring problems with the vehicle. The vehicle is pictured below.

633 Is your vehicles engine misfiring

Firstly let us explain to you what a misfire means when it comes to cars. The symptoms of misfires are easy to spot. If your vehicle is shuddering or jerking then this is a sign of an engine misfiring. Misfiring is caused when an engine does not combust in order, it skips a process in the combustion pattern. Misfires can also be caused by the air fuel ration is not balanced correctly.

Other misfires include problems with the ignition. An ignition misfire can be caused because of spark plugs becoming faulty or the ignition coil becoming faulty causing misfire on the cylinder head.

So, now you know and have a rough idea of what a misfire is let’s talk about the Kia pictured above. This vehicle was experiencing an ignition misfire. The reasons for this was because the ignition coil had become faulty and needed replacing. The reason we knew this was an ignition problem was because one the engine light was on, two the vehicle was chunking and shuddering and thirdly the vehicle was experiencing lack of power.

We replaced the ignition coil and this solved the problem and the Kia vehicle was back up to speed running smoothly. We invest heavily in vehicle technology especially software auto logic computers. The software has all the latest vehicle fault codes. The auto logic computer we have which is a £25,000 investment by us is pictured below.

346 Is your vehicles engine misfiring

440 Is your vehicles engine misfiring

When we plugged the vehicle into our auto logic software it gave us the code number P0301 which is a classic misfire code indicating to us what the problems were. Having auto logic software allows us to find specific faults but above all offer reliable vehicle servicing to our customers.

It is important to mention that if you have a problem with your vehicle pick the right garage, that goes without saying. A lot of garages won’t have the most up-to-date technology like we do, if garages cannot pin-point exact faults then they can rack up bills for you to pay and you don’t want that. Our garage will find exact faults and only charge you what is necessary.

If you’re having misfiring problems then get in touch we can get you back out on the road running smoothly in no time at all. The Kia pictured above is back out on the road and we turned this car around in less than a day.

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181 Is your vehicles engine misfiring

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