Be wary of small backstreet garages

Back street garages will try and use a big selling point to get work through their doors. They will say that they have been in the industry for 20 to 30 years, however that might be true but have they kept up with the way modern technology in vehicles have changed today.

It is simple backstreet garages are struggling. Major car brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes and other top brands are introducing modern technologies to their vehicles, but what does that mean for small independent garages and backstreet garages? It means it is becoming increasingly hard for independent and backstreet garages to service vehicles unless they have the right investment in technology facilities.

So, a word of warning to motorists. If you have a problem with your vehicle then make sure you pick the right garage and one that invests in the most up-to-date technology facilities. In the last 18 months, we have invested £100,000 in new vehicle servicing technology ensuring we offer reliable vehicle servicing at affordable prices.

Only the garages that have the best facilities can ensure they get to the heart of a vehicle problem. Here is one example of an investment we have made in technology facilities. Pictured below below we have an Autologic computer which cost £25,000.

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With this computer it gives us the most up-to-date database of error codes. Because vehicle technology continuously changes this means that error codes reported by the car when there is a fault can be new and unheard of to mechanics, however that is not a problem for us as we have technology that keeps us updated with all new developments so we can reliably service vehicles.

How do we know all this? Time and again we have customers coming to our garage complaining how they have spent thousands of pounds with backstreet garages and could not get the problem fixed. For example, one motorist went to a backstreet garage four times and totaled up over £4000 in costs and still the problems were not solved. This is because backstreet garages cannot afford investment in technology and therefore cannot get to the heart of problems and then rack up big bills.

To conclude you should be wary of backstreet garages as they resort to guess work rather than precisely knowing what a problem is with a vehicle and having the necessary technology needed to pinpoint exact faults.

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181 Be wary of small backstreet garages  

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