A1 Diagnostics can fix fault code P261F71

A1 Diagnostics have all of the equipment needed to diagnose fault codes in Mercedes vehicles from our garage workshop pictured below.

When you experience a fault with your Mercedes vehicle you will get a fault code. This fault code will then explain what the symptoms are and what you need to do to service the vehicle. This month we are going to be looking at Mercedes vehicle fault codes and we start off with P261F71.

Mercedes Fault Code: P261F71

This fault code indicates that the output for the circulation pump has a problem and needs maintenance and the actuator is blocked. The vehicle that suffers with this problem are mainly Mercedes Sprinters. The cause of this fault is the coolant will leak into the vacuum system through the water pump causing the fault to appear.

More about Mercedes Fault Code: P261F71

To help you understand more about this fault code, lets explain it. On OM651 4 Cylinder Diesel Engines the coolant water pump is actuated, when the seal in the pump corrodes this allowed coolant to enter the vacuum system, this then generates the fault code.

When you’re out on the road the vacuum system on the vehicle will run when the engine is running, when the engine is running this makes the vacuum actuate and is very strong causing coolant to be sucked into the vacuum system, this then causes all kinds of problems in the vacuum system and then produces the fault code.

Symptoms you have a Vacuum and Coolant P261F71 fault

There are a number of symptoms regarding this fault code, your vehicle could be experiencing little to no acceleration, coolant could be leaking, you may be feeling odd pressures when applying pressure to the brake pedal, and lastly the engine could be overheating.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should get your vehicle in for a service and let us check it over.

What you will need to replace P261F71

To fix and repair the fault code you may need to replace the water pump, the coolant, seals, tubes, and hoses. You may well also have to replace the Vacuum Actuators and Vacuum pump as they will have had coolant forced through the system.

It is important to get this problem fixed not leaving the engine to overheat, if the engine continues to overheat you could be doing more damage and the engine could be written off in the long term. Leaving this underlying problem can also cause problems with the cooling system, turbo charging and the braking system. If you are experiencing problems with any of these systems, you should get your Mercedes vehicle checked out immediately.

A1 Diagnostics have the equipment to ensure a top-level service

When you experience a P261F71 fault you will need a garage with all the latest vehicle technology to service and repair the fault. A1 Diagnostics have all the technology needed to ensure your Mercedes vehicle is serviced reliably at the most affordable prices.
If you have any queries or are experience the fault code P261F71 get in touch and let us take a look at your vehicle and we will get you back out on the road quickly and efficiently.

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