A1 Diagnostics receive certificate from BOSCH for outstanding achievement

You might have heard, but this is the official blog posting. Bosch audited A1 Diagnostics and we passed with flying colours gaining our certificate from Bosch for achieving an outstanding result in their Bosch Quality Assessment. Here is the certificate confirming that.

We have been servicing vehicles for over 15 years and have hundreds of happy motorists being serviced from our garage pictured below.

It does not matter what vehicle you need serviced we service every type, whether that be continental vehicles around the world or European we have all the facilities to provide a first-class service.

We are specialists in servicing German manufactured brands from Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Skoda. We have all the dealer level tools and equipment to ensure we pin-point exact faults repairing them reliably and quickly.

If you go to a main dealer you could be paying big to run diagnostics on faults on your vehicle. Dealers run an hourly labour rate of something like £150 per hour, whereas because we are an independent garage our costs are much lower and operate a labour rate of £70 per hour.

We have the same equipment and tools as main dealer manufacturers and are 50% more cost effective, yes you heard that right, we do a better job at 50% better prices. So, what are you waiting for get in touch and let us service your vehicle.

We invest in mechanics that have a broad spectrum of experience servicing both continental vehicles and German manufactured vehicles. Investing in mechanics with years of experience means we service vehicles reliably, we don’t want you coming back and forward to the garage, it is important to diagnose the problem and fix it on the first attempt, this saves you time and money.

You must be careful. If you go to backstreet garages because you think the bill price will be cheaper, well you may find out the hard way that is not always the case. Backstreet garages are one man bands, they guess the problem as they do not have pin-pointing fault detection technology to identify a problem, they often fix the wrong problems leading you to fork out more money covering costly bills.

The lesson is here, avoid main dealers because they will cost you your arms and legs, avoid the backstreet garages because you will lose your arms and legs there as well. Find an independent garage like ours that invest in vehicle service technology, that have capacity to service 30 vehicles a day reliably and quickly, come and check us out.

We have been around the block for quite some time now, we would not have a yard with so many vehicles waiting to be serviced if we didn’t know what we are doing.

If you need any vehicle servicing of any type get in touch with our garage we are happy to help providing reliable and affordable vehicle servicing Tel: 029 20 220380

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