A1 Diagnostics can repair your vehicle immobiliser

An immobiliser is a security device that is often fitted to modern day vehicles to prevent the engine being started unless the correct key is used. This system is highly effective in reducing vehicle theft, but unfortunately immobilisers can be faulty and create problems that prevent you from driving your vehicle.

We have recently been repairing and ordering in lots of immobiliser devices for our customers. Pictured below at our garage workshop is a BMW 1 Series that had an immobiliser problem. We were able to resolve this issue by ordering in a brand new immobiliser which was programmed to the car’s engine and locks.


Spotting an immobiliser problem is often simple. If the ignition light is on and everything is working normally, apart from the fact that you engine won’t turnover, then in all likelihood you have an immobiliser problem.


If you are experiencing problems with your immobiliser then get in touch at your earliest opportunity. We can repair or replace your immobiliser quickly, and above all, at a great price. Going to a main dealer could cost you a whole lot more. You don’t even need to visit our garage workshop as 99% of our immobiliser repair work is carried out by post.

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