A1 Diagnostics vehicle autumn service checks

The wind and rain have arrived, which means it an excellent time to give your car a little TLC to keep it in the best possible shape this autumn.


The A1 Diagnostics team

Vehicle breakdowns are much more likely in the wet, cold and blustery conditions, so here are a few checks you should consider to keep your car rolling this autumn.


A1 Diagnostics are fully equipped to carry out thorough autumn checks on your vehicle

Anti-Freeze and Coolant

It’s important to check your anti-freeze and coolant levels are correct. If they fall below the recommended levels you are much more likely to experience engine problems. A1 Diagnostics can check your anti-freeze and coolant levels to reduce the chance of breakdowns and engine problems this autumn.

Tyre Pressure

It’s essential your tyres are properly inflated to maintain the handling and general safety of the car when driving in challenging weather conditions. Under-inflated tyres can over heat and lead to tyre failure, which is particularly dangerous at this time of year. We have the specialist equipment to conduct quick tyre safety checks and keep you rolling.

Battery Checks

The battery is not only essential for starting the car, it is also used for electrical lighting and other applications. If the battery is not properly maintained and checked it can lead to the engine cutting out and stopping altogether. A1 Diagnostics can keep your battery healthy to help you avoid engine cut outs and breakdowns.

Windscreen Wipers

If your windscreen wipers are in a sorry state you will not struggle to clear away all that rain and muck, but you could also damage your windscreen. A1 Diagnostics can check your windscreen wipers to provide perfect visibility all year long. Damaged windscreen wipers can also cause an MOT failure, so that’s another incentive to keep them in tip-top condition.

Light Bulbs

It’s a legal requirement to ensure all your lights function properly. Faulty light bulbs are extremely dangerous, not only to yourself, but also to other road users. We can check your vehicle’s lights, replace any bulbs and ensure they are fit for purpose.


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