We are the best A1 garage in the city, the real A1

Don’t get our name mixed up with other dodgy A1 garage brands. Recently we have had to correct customers letting them know we are A1 Diagnostics a genuine A1 service centre, not garages that call themselves A1 but deliver a Z1 service. See the recent message posted on Facebook with a customer mistaking us for another A1 branded garage.

Know this

We are the real A1 and the best A1 branded garage in South Wales and the whole of Cardiff. Our garage workshop is pictured below.

When we say we are A1 we really are and let’s look at why. Firstly, we look at the positive comments made on our Facebook page from happy customers.

We have already been highlighting the fact that lots of garages have fake Facebook likes on their Facebook page. Well our comments are genuine and from genuine happy customers. Be careful of garages deceiving you trying to build their brand on being fake, these garages can cost you thousands of pounds because they don’t know what they are doing.

Another good reason to choose our A1 Diagnostics garage is we are a Bosch Service garage, we are endorsed by Bosch and recently passed their audit with flying colours being awarded with a certificate for achieving excellence in our car garage. The certificate is on display at our garage and pictured below.

Lastly, check out the testimonial given to us from a happy customer shown below.


“Been going to A1 for about 6 years now – can’t recommend them highly enough – staff are always friendly and helpful – brilliant job!”

What does this testimonial tell you, well lets explain. The very fact this customer has stated she has been coming to our service garage for 6 years is saying we are trustworthy otherwise why would she keep coming back. We have had many recommendations from Sarah. If you recommend your friends or family to our garage we will give the same care and attention we gave Sarah looking after new customers on service and on price.

So, when you’re on Google make sure you type in A1 Diagnostics, not any other A1 branded garage. There might be good garages out there like ours but the feedback we get from customers who have used garages branding themselves as A1 is not good. So, make sure you pick the right A1 which is us A1 Diagnostics.

Contact A1 Diagnostics

Get in touch today for expert advice or to book your vehicle in for an MOT we are happy to help you with any vehicle queries you have.

A1-Diagnostics and ECU Repairs
64 Sloper Road
CF11 8AB

Tel: (029 20) 220380
Fax: (029 20) 223172

Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Email: info@a1-diagnostics.com

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