Are you hearing a rattling noise coming from the engine in the morning?

There are all kinds of signs that you could be experiencing a timing chain or cam belt problem on your engine. Today we are going to look at a common symptom of timing chains and cam belts and an obvious sign you have a problem.

First thing in the morning and especially in the winter when you fire the vehicle up, if you hear large rattling noises coming from the engine then this is the sign that you have a problem with the timing chain or cam belt.

If you hear the rattling noise in the morning you might find that after a certain amount of time the noise will disappear, that is because the engine will get hot, so if you hear that rattling noise in the morning and it disappears do not dismiss it, you could well have a timing chain problem and it will need looking at.

Get your timing chain or cam belt checked before it causes more damage to the engine

If you have a timing chain or cam belt problem then it will need to be checked out right away. If you leave it the chain or belt can completely snap, if it snaps when you are doing high speed out on the road then you could end up with more internal engine damage. When a timing chain or cam belt snaps it can lead to piston and camshaft damage and could bend both components, replacing those could end up costing a lot of money.

In the worst-case scenario, your engine could be a total write off. The cost of replacing an engine and fitting it at the local garage could cost you £2000 plus. The question is what would you rather pay? A service cost or £2000 plus for a new engine fitting.

We save you money

We are an independent garage that prides itself on saving motorist’s money. We are far more cost effective at servicing timing chains and cam belts than main dealers. If you go to a main dealer you will be faced with far higher bills as their hourly rates are much higher and your paying for the brand name. Independent garages like ours have much more affordable hourly rates and are just as experienced as main dealer garages.

We have the same vehicle technology as main dealers

For over 15 years we have always invested in the very best vehicle technology. If you have a timing chain or cam belt fault that means you will need the best technology to work out what the exact fault is. Pin-pointing exact faults using the latest vehicle technology means you will get a much more reliable service.

The danger is if you go to backstreet garages, they do not have the latest technology, their analysis of faults is purely down to guess work, fix this and see what happens. This is dangerous! You could be sending a vehicle out on the road that is not road worthy and also if the timing chain is faulty and not replaced it can snap at any time, again if the cam belt snaps at high speed it can lead to a lot more damage to the engine.

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