Here we look at some of the recent Audi vehicle service work we carry out from our garage

We say time and again we are specialists in all makes of German manufactured vehicles. This is especially true when it comes to Audi German manufactured cars. We service hundreds from our garage workshop. Here we take a look at the diverse work carried out on Audi cars and vehicles from our garage workshop pictured below.


We start off with a simple but common problem. The owner of the Audi car pictured below was experiencing heavy vibrations.


When we checked over the vehicle we could clearly see the front wheel bearings needed replacing because they were completely warn. We replaced the wheel bearings and the vehicle is back with the owner running smoothly.

Pictured below we have an Audi A5.


The owner of the Audi brought the vehicle to us as he was experiencing large amounts of smoke coming out from the exhaust. The reason for the smoke coming from the exhaust was because the turbo was completely warn out and needed replacing. We replaced the turbo and this solved the problem.

Pictured below we have an Audi A5 at the garage.


Our experienced mechanics are pictured below installing a new clutch as the existing clutch had warn away. The vehicle owner explained they were experiencing eggy smells inside the vehicle, we said this is a classic sign that the clutch was in need of repair or needed a new one. We installed the clutch and the eggy smell has vanished.


Pictured below we have an Audi A4.


The Audi owner told us she was finding it hard to select gears. We checked out the Audi vehicle and could see that the master cylinder was damaged and was the cause of the owner finding it hard to select gears properly. We replaced the master cylinder and the Audi car is now selecting gears perfectly.

Pictured below is an Audi R8.


The Audi R8 was brought to us for a diagnostic because the owner was finding it hard to turn into corners and was having all kinds of steering issues. We diagnosed what the problem was and could see that the pump shaft had become faulty. We replaced the pump shaft and this solved the steering problems and the owner is driving out on the road not fighting the vehicle and above all safe out on the road.

The next Audi we look at is an Audi A6 shown below.


This vehicle was having overheating problems with the engine. We diagnosed what the problem was and could see the head on the gasket had snapped. We replaced the head shown below, the Audi A6 engine is now operating at the correct temperature.


Again we have another Audi R8 vehicle shown below.


The owner was experiencing lack of power when applying pressure to the pedal. We diagnosed the problem and could see that there was an electrical fault with the engine and the ECU not communicating properly with the engine. The engine is pictured below.


We fixed the electrical fault and the complication with the ECU and the Audi R8 is now distributing power correctly from the pedal.

Lastly we look at an Audi A3 pictured below.


A more simple problem, the handbrake of the Audi was locked and would not release, leaving the vehicle permanently stationary. We checked out the vehicle and saw that the modulator that controls the handbrake had become damaged and faulty. We replaced the modulator and this released the handbrake, the handbrake is now functioning correctly.

We hope this has given you a good insight to the kind of work we carry out on Audi vehicles from our car garage in Cardiff. We can repair all kinds of problems from the smaller snags to the bigger snags. There is no job too big or too small for us. Get in touch we can help you with any problems you are experiencing with your Audi car.

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