Automatic Gearbox repair on BMW vehicles

We not only repair manual BMW gearboxes but we can also repair and recondition automatic gearboxes. The photo below is a BMW vehicle on our specialist ramps having a reconditioned automatic gearbox installed.

When the owner was out on the road the gears were slipping between 4th and 5th gear. The vehicle owner was also experiencing problems when parking in reverse gear, lastly and this is the last we promise, the vehicle was also experiencing problems when going from 1st to 2nd gear, the owner of the vehicle was fighting with the car just to get drive getting from A to B.

The good news here is though we are about the only garage that would think about repairing automatic gearboxes for BMW vehicles. We will literally take on any automatic gearbox problem unlike other garages. Important to mention as well, if you went to the main dealers with this kind of problem then expect a bill as long as a rolling toilet roll. Here are photos of our mechanics working on a automatic gearbox.

Here are photos of our mechanics putting the gearbox back into the BMW vehicle.

Our mechanics have years of experience in the vehicle maintenance trade, there is no job too big or too small for us, we have been around in the vehicle servicing trade for many years and have seen it all especially when it comes to automatic gearbox repairs.

It doesn’t matter if the gearbox gears are rotten and corroded like in the photos shown below, we have all of the necessary stock access to replace gears and are able to recondition many models of automatic gearbox especially BMW models.

When we mean stock access checkout the racking shelves of our sister company Major Motors shown below.

We don’t have to wait around for gearbox stock from casings to the gears to the gearbox arms. We are situated on the same sight as Major Motors and if we need stock we can pull it straight away. The advantage of this is we don’t have to wait for stock to be ordered and wait weeks on end keeping our customers waiting.

We also win on price as our sister company Major Motors invest heavily in gearbox stock meaning we gain price advantage. We pass any price advantages onto our customers ensuring they get the best price as well as the best and most reliable vehicle servicing.

As we look after our customers on price our customers keep coming back. The photo below shows our car park full of customer cars ready and waiting to be serviced in the garage workshop, a total of 33 vehicles in total in one day.

If you need any advice with BMW automatic gearboxes then get in touch with us, we can help you with any problems you are experiencing.

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