Here we look at some of the BMW car work we carry out from our garage in Cardiff

From our car garage in Cardiff we service many BMW cars. We are a German specialist in all makes and models of German cars, however the BMW models are a very frequent and popular model brought to the garage every week. We service hundreds every year. Here we take a look at some of the BMW car service work we carry out from our car garage here in Cardiff pictured below.


We start off with a BMW car (pictured below) brought to the garage as it was experiencing heavy vibrations from all around the vehicle. We found that the wheel nuts needed tightening, if they are loose then this can cause the car to vibrate.


Pictured below we have a BMW 1 series.


The owners immobiliser became faulty and the key programmed to the car was faulty, this caused the owner of the BMW car to have access problems with the vehicle. We fixed the immobiliser and replaced the key with a new one shown below.


In the photo below we have a BMW car going through one of our MOT test lanes.


We are VOSA approved and have recently invested in a new MOT test lane dedicated for German vehicles like BMW cars. Because we have invested in this dedicated German MOT test lane means we can service and MOT BMW vehicles more reliably leaving no underlying problem unchecked.

The next BMW car we are going to look at is the one pictured below.


The owner had a problem with heavy vibrations shaking the vehicle quite heavily. The owner brought the car to the garage and when we checked it over we could see that the wheel bearing had warn away, this was what was causing the heavy vibrations. We replaced the wheel bearing and this solved the heavy vibrations the BMW owner was experiencing when out on the road.

Pictured below we have a BMW 3 series car.


This was a fairly common problem to solve. The oil pressure measurements were giving faulty readings and were incorrect. We checked to see what the problem was and we could see that the oil pressure switch had become damaged and was not working properly causing faulty oil pressure readings. We replaced the oil pressure switch and the BMW car is now giving correct oil pressure readings.


Pictured below we have a BMW 320 in the garage recently.


This vehicle failed its MOT. The suspension arm had failed the test and needed to be replaced. We also found that the anti-roll bar had become damaged and the brake pads at the front of the BMW car needed to be replaced. A fair bit of work if the BMW car was to pass the next MOT test. We let the customer know about the work that needed doing, the owner instructed us to carry out the work which we did, the vehicle is now back out on the road, road worthy after passing its MOT.

In the photo below we have a BMW 1 series.


The owner of the BMW car was having problems with the stop start procedure. For those who dont know what the stop start procedure is, we can explain.

When your at traffic lights or in heavy traffic when you stop the car the engine should cut out helping you save fuel, however the problem with the BMW 1 series pictured above, this procedure was not happening and the engine remained on when stationary when it should stop and cut out saving fuel. We checked over the system and could see that the sensor that tells the car its stationary had become faulty. We replaced the sensor and the BMW car is now stop starting exactly how it should.

Lastly we are going to let you know about a BMW vehicle that came to the garage experiencing all kinds of engine gremlins.

We will keep this short though. There were so many problems with the engine we advised the owner it would be better to recondition the engine and rebuild it. This way if there were any hidden problems we would solve them in the rebuild.

Here are photos of our experienced mechanics refitting a rebuilt BMW engine from scratch.


The BMW car is now out on the road running smoothly.

As you can probably tell we can service BMW cars and vehicles no matter what the problem is. If you have a simple sensor problem we can fix it, if you need an engine rebuild we can rebuild it. There is no job too small or too big for us. Get in touch we can help you.

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