Are you having problems with the timing chain on your BMW vehicle

We have been talking about timing chain problems on vehicles a lot, we have seen a great number of vehicles coming into the garage having timing chain problems. That is true also when it comes to BMW vehicles as of late.


If you are seeing fault codes like the two outlined below, then these are symptoms you have a timing chain fault with your BMW vehicle.

Fault code – 2A99 – Crankshaft Exhaust Camshaft Reference

This fault code can mean that there is tension on the timing chain inside the BMW engine. A timing chain that has come loose can cause a Crankshaft problem.

Fault code – 30C1 – Engine oil pressure problem

This fault code can be telling you that the timing chain needs lubricating with oil. You might have neglected changing the oil in the engine overtime. The oil in the engine is important as it keeps everything greased and working properly. A dry engine not lubricated will lead to problems such as the timing chain becoming rusty and then eventually snapping or becoming damaged. If the timing chain snaps when driving out on the road then this can cause serious engine damage.

Other signs you have a timing chain fault with your vehicle include heavy vibrations rattling the car, sudden jerks and large clunky noises. These are classic timing chain symptoms and are telling you that you need to get the car to our garage (pictured below) and get the timing chain checked out.


It is always recommended that after you have clocked 40,000 miles out on the road you should get the timing chain checked out. If you leave the timing chain without a service for many thousands of more miles then it can cause the timing chain to become damaged or even snap when out on the road.

If the timing chain snaps out on the road then you are going to come to a grinding stop. Coming to a grinding stop and the timing chain snapping can lead to costly engine damage under the bonnet of your BMW vehicle. New engines or reconditioned engines will only lead to expensive bills. We would advise that it would be better for you to get your timing chain serviced for a few hundred pounds or replaced, rather than spending a couple of thousand pounds getting the whole engine rebuilt or replaced.

We invest in the very best mechanics who have years of experience in the vehicle service trade especially in BMW vehicles. Here are our mechanics working together as a team replacing the timing chain on a vehicle recently at our car garage.


So if you think you are having timing chain problems then get in touch, we can help you and fix the problems you are experiencing. We want to save you money and a simple service on your timing chain can help you do just that.

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