BMW timing chains linked to engine failure

There have been multiple cases of engine failure on BMW 1-Series, 3-Series and 5-Series vehicles manufactured between 2007 and 2009. The timing chains have been snapping, causing the engines to come to a complete standstill; however BMW have denied this fault exists.


The timing chain is vital in the successful running of a vehicle as it synchronises the engine parts which thrust the vehicle forward.

A1 Diagnostics can check your timing chain is in perfect working order. This is one element we check during a service as it’s vital to the smooth running of your vehicle. If the timing chain snaps and causes the engine to cease, it can create other expensive problems.

Our technicians have years of experience servicing many vehicles and are fully equipped to carry out a full range of service types, from engine rebuilds to MOTs and smaller repairs.


We also invest heavily in stocking engines and engine parts. The picture below demonstrates our commitment to stocking engines and gearboxes. So, if there’s a problem with your vehicle and you need either a reconditioned gearbox, engine parts or a new engine, we probably already stock the part you need. If not, we cannot import the part or source it through our sister company Major Motors.


Take a look at the following blog from BBC Watchdog. It explains more about the problems customers are experiencing  with their BMW engines and the possible cause of the timing chain failures.


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