When you should bring your car in for a DPF cleaning service

We have recently let you know about the Carbon Clean machine we have recently purchased at our Cardiff based garage. The Carbon Clean machine has many benefits for our customers outlined here.

1) By getting a DPF cleaning service and cleaning the engine of carbon regularly will help the performance of the engine.

2) Carbon build up can lead to all kinds of gremlins in the engine from snapped pistons, snapped timing chains and high fuel consumption.

3) If the timing chain or pistons snap this can lead to other damage in the engine that will need repairing, repairs can cost a lot of money, but if you get the engine cleaned while undergoing a service then you can avoid engine problems in the long run.

Next then, an obvious indicator when your vehicle needs a carbon clean is when the dashboard light shows when driving out on the road. Here are symbols of what those warning lights are shown below.

If these warning lights are displayed then you need to bring the car in for a DPF carbon clean. At our garage we always see vehicles running into engine problems if they havent had a carbon clean while clocking up over 60,000 miles. Dont go to long without getting the engine cleaned, we would rather charge you a small fee for cleaning the engine than a great big whopping bill for engine repairs.

Here is the latest vehicle we have recently serviced in the garage. This Mercedes vehicle came in as the DPF light came on and indicated that the engine needed a carbon clean.

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