We are busier than ever and customers are using our new services

We have many happy customers at our garage workshop. We provide all kinds of services for our customers from MOT work, standard servicing where we change the oil and oil filters, engine work and gearbox work, the list goes on.

But we are encouraged to see that customers are coming back to the garage using some of the newer services we are rolling out. Take for instance the Carbon Clean service and DPF Filter service. Yes we are rabbiting on about our latest bit of kit and equipment, but trust us there is good reason.

Here is our Carbon Clean machine pictured below.

This machine helps clean the engine of any carbon build up and soot in the engine and in the DPF filter. We invested £3000 in this new machine in order to cover all aspects of vehicle service and maintenance. We know how important the engine is and why we need to offer this service so you dont come to our garage with hefty engine problems leading to hefty bills.

Here are two vehicles pictured below that recently had the DPF filter and engine cleaned of carbon build up.

As mentioned in the title of our article we are busier than ever. We have 33 vehicles waiting in our car park ready to go into the workshop, 11 vehicles in the workshop and three in the electrical bay. Here is a photo showing you just how busy it is.

We have new customers coming to us because we are saving them money on vehicle repairs compared to main dealer prices. Check out our most recent 5 star testimonial from another happy customer.

“I went to A1 Diagnostics with my Touran TDI with engine cutting out constantly. They helped me find the problem and were great, very professional and they knew exactly what they were doing, 5 star!”

We are a reliable vehicle service garage. We invest in mechanics with years of experience in the motor trade, we invest in all of the latest vehicle technology that helps us pin point exact faults with vehicles, finding exact faults allows us to offer reliable services.

If you go to backstreet garages who do not invest in technology to find exact faults then you could go around in circles, going around in circle not finding exact faults can lead to more and more bills to pay.

Get in touch if you need any help or advice. We are here to help you and we can sit down with you to discuss any maintenance plan for your vehicle.

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