A call out to other car servicing garages in Cardiff

As time goes by in the motor and vehicle servicing industry changes become apparent, changes in technology and the equipment needed to service vehicles are becoming more and more expensive as vehicles become more and more complex.


But here at A1 Diagnostics we can offer a solution to this headache and welcome other car garages to join us. We invest thousands of pounds in all of the latest equipment and invest in our facilities so we are completely up-to-date with all of the current technologies, by being up-to-date with all of the current vehicle technologies and diagnosis equipment this means we can provide the most reliable vehicle servicing and offer quick turnarounds at cost effective prices.

Open a trade account with A1 Diagnostics

We offer a full trade service, we know how hard it is to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and if you are a backstreet garage then with more vehicles becoming more complex you may struggle to service the newer vehicles, but you don’t have to struggle, if you open a trade account with us we will do all of the work and all of the repairs and maintenance and you will gain full access to our facilities.

Why should you open a trade account with A1 Diagnostics

We already have trade accounts that have been open for many years and they have been open for many years because they know we are reliable, good on price and have years of experience, we offer a confidential service as well. But the main point we would like to stress is if you let us service your vehicles you are gaining access to our equipment and the most up-to-date diagnosis equipment available that will give customers the most reliable vehicle servicing.

We can pinpoint the faults with the vehicle and know exactly what they are and be very specific, in some cases you may think you have found the fault but what happens when your customers keep coming back and back and back with more problems with the vehicle, the customer is going to become exasperated and irritated as the bills mount up, but if you find the exact faults from the start and get the vehicle repaired at the first point of contact you are going to have happy customers and our trade account service offers you exactly that, fast reliable servicing at great prices, because we have all of the up-to-date equipment needed and state-of-the-art facilities.

So let us help you and your customers and also let us help you forge strong customer relationships with your clients so that they remain for the long term. Here are photos of our equipment and if you want more information on the equipment we have demonstrating our investments in facilities follow the link below at the bottom of this article.






Contact A1 Diagnostics

For any further information please use the contact details below.


A1-Diagnostics and ECU Repairs
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CF11 8AB

Tel: (029 20) 220380
Fax: (029 20) 223172

Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Email: info@a1-diagnostics.com

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