Our new car cosmetics repair service is up and running

We keep saying that we are driven by our customers from having the best vehicle diagnostics technology at our Garage (pictured below) here in Cardiff to help service your cars. To further demonstrate our commitment to our customers we are introducing more services helping with other smaller snags our customers are having with their vehicle. This shows we are truly dedicated in helping our customers with all the vehicle dilemmas they are experiencing no matter how big or small.


When you clock the miles up on the road your vehicle does get wear and tear from the brakes, engine, clutch and a whole range of vehicle parts that will eventually need servicing to maintain the vehicles roadworthiness.

However when clocking the miles the interior of the car also takes a pounding from getting in and out of the car, stuck seat belts causing scratches, chucking a bag on the back seat, opening the boot in a rush eventually leading to little scratch marks and damage on the seats and main interior.

But don’t worry we have a new service where we can repair the interior of your car making it look as good as new just like when you first purchased the vehicle.

Here are photos taken of our car cosmetics worker in action repairing scrapes and scratches on a Range Rover inside our electrical bay. Our cosmetics worker has all of the specialist equipment to sort out all of those scratches and scrapes out inside the interior of your vehicle.






Here are photos of the interior looking spick and span just like when you first purchased the vehicle.



Remember we not only do all of the complicated work from engine rebuilds, gearbox reconditioning and a wide range of vehicle diagnostic services. We can also help you with some of the smaller glitches you get in your vehicle from electric window faults, seat reclining problems, roof canopies not opening properly and a whole range of vehicle repair work that does not cost the earth.

We are basically saying that there is no job too big or too small for us. The introduction of the cosmetic vehicle body repair service is another commitment made by us showing we are customer dedicated and will stop at nothing to ensure that we offer all of the services required by our customers.

If you are looking for more reasons to give our Cardiff based vehicle service garage a go then check out the certificate we were given by BOSCH service shown below. We were awarded this certificate because we passed a recent audit with flying colours being acknowledged by BOSCH for our car service quality and outstanding results being produced from our garage.


So if you have a car or vehicle of any brand type full of scratches and scrape marks then come to us and we can use our new cosmetic service to repair the interior of your vehicle leaving it looking as good as new as when you first purchased the car.

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