We can carry out extensive work on old classic cars and modern day cars

Its been a busy month for us. Not only are we carrying out work on the latest modern day vehicles and cars but we are also carrying out work on old car classics. In this blog post we are going to show you that we are fully capable of carrying out extensive work on both classic cars and modern day vehicles.

We have written about our happy customer Dave Bennett before and how we fully refurbished his Jaguar XKR to the exact specifications he wanted. But its important for us to have a recap on exactly what we did for him as the work was extensive and shows our expertise in carrying out work on modern day vehicles and cars.

Here is Dave pictured outside our garage with his fully refurbished Jaguar XKR.



Here is a list of the work we carried out for Dave on his Jaguar XKR car.

• Installation of a 5.0 Litre Supercharged AJ Engine
• Installation of an Auto. Trans 6 Speed Gearbox
• Installation of a Electronic Limited Slip Diff Rear Axle & Prop Shaft
• Installation and upgrade of the front and rear sports suspension dampers and Springs
• Upgrade of front & rear sports brake discs & calipers
• Installation of performance active exhaust system
• Installation of a DAB radio system
• Installation of a complete wiring loom including modules fitted where required
• Installation of daimler style leather seats

As you can see the work carried out was quite extensive and we are fully confident that when you bring your car to our garage we can fully diagnose any given problem or specification required by the vehicle owner.

Check out the extensive work we have carried out on this Morris Minor vehicle

We have just gone through extensive work we can carry out for modern day vehicles but here is another example of how we can also help owners in refurbishing old car classics. Pictured below we have a Morris Minor classic brought to our garage by a car enthusiast needing help to refurbish it.


We have carried out extensive work from rebuilding the engine and reconfiguring all of the electronics exactly to the specification the owner required. Here is a photo of the engine inside the Morris Minor car fully rebuilt by our experienced car mechanics.


Not only are we able to fully repair and rebuild the engine and reconfigure the electronics but we are also able to help with other requirements. The owner wanted the inside interior to be completely re-upholstered, we were able to source in the right contacts to re-upholster the interior fitting new seats exactly to the owners requirements. Here is a photo of the interior re-upholstered.


Lastly the owner also required the wheels be restored and replaced on the classic car, we were able to source in the exact wheels required and then fit them. Here’s a photo of one of the new wheels fitted.


To conclude this blog post we have hopefully shown you that we are a car garage that can carry out extensive work and fully tackle any given vehicle related specification. Whether the diagnosis be on modern day cars and vehicles or old classics like the Morris Minor shown above we can help and are a car garage here to fully support you in whatever requirements you have.

Our testimonial from Dave Bennett

Ok we said we were going to conclude just now we know but we promise one last thing which is worth the read.

Going back to Dave Bennett mentioned earlier. We carried out all of the work for Dave and gained a great testimonial from him both written and in a video. Here is the written testimonial followed by the video testimonial.

Dave went on to say.

“I visited many garages in and around Cardiff leaving disappointed on many occasions as every garage said they could not help with the modification on my Jaguar XKR.

I decided to try and seek out one last garage and thankfully this garage was A1 Diagnostics. From the word go I knew I had found a fantastic garage as everything I mentioned I wanted done to my Jag they said YES THEY CAN DO, a fantastic positive attitude and solution to every given problem!

I would especially like to thank Andy and Jack who worked on my Jag throughout and I would like to thank the management Dipak and Richard for all their help throughout and I will be recommending their services to anyone.”

Here is the video testimonial from Dave.

Showing you these testimonials will help give you confidence that you can get in touch with us and we are here to help you with any car or vehicle related specification. So why not give us a go and give us a call or drop us an email our contact details are below.

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