We carry out Range Rover repairs from our garage workshop in Cardiff

We can repair your Range Rover from our garage workshop in Cardiff, our garage workshop where we can service up to 10 vehicles a day is shown in the photos below based in Sloper Road.


We have all of the facilities to repair your Range Rover no matter what the problem is. If you have an engine problem we can fix it, if you are having suspension problems we can repair it, if you are having problems shifting gears we can recondition the gearbox or replace it.

There is no job too big or too small for us when it comes to Range Rover vehicle repairs and Range Rover vehicle maintenance. We have serviced hundreds of Range Rover vehicles from our garage workshop experiencing all kinds of problems.

Take this Range Rover pictured below.


It was brought into our garage workshop for repairs by the owner after is was stolen and had many damages due to reckless joy riding. The wheel rims had cracked as shown in the photos below.


However we were able to service the vehicle from top to bottom. We checked out the engine, gearbox, replaced the wheel rims, brakes and cleaned the interior. The Range Rover was returned to the owner almost as good as new.

Not only are we able to check out the full mechanics of Range Rover vehicles but we can also help with interior problems. When you get in and out of your Range Rover vehicle you can often leave scratches on the doors. When you throw the shopping on the back seat, or accidentally scrape the inside door with the keys this can causes scratches and interior damage.

But don’t worry. We also have a Range Rover cosmetics service helping sort out those interior bumps and scratches. Here is a photo of a recent Range Rover brought to the garage with a fair few interior scratches.


We went straight to work. We masked up the interior doors and started to repair the scratches as shown in the photos below.


We returned the Range Rover vehicle to the owner as if it had just left the showroom where he bought it. The photos below show the transformation and all scratches removed from the interior of the Range Rover vehicle.


So hopefully this has shown you our expertise when it comes to helping you with any problems you are faced with when it comes to your Range Rover. We are fairly priced and can check your Range Rover over from top to bottom. There is nothing we have not seen in the motor trade and service up to 10 cars and vehicles a day from our garage workshop.

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For any further information or to book your car in for a service at our garage pictured below please use the contact details below.


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Tel: (029 20) 220380
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