We carry out work for some top brands from our garage workshop

We service many motorists in Cardiff but we also service vehicles from some well known organisations in Cardiff and the South Wales area. Firstly we start off with Rhonda Cynon Taff Hackney Carriage. A taxi (pictured below) that was in our garage workshop having a flywheel replacement.

We also recently carried out an MOT for a minibus from Howells school. We have specialist ramps that can service Class 5 vehicles such as the one for Howells school shown below.

Next we have another vehicle from a brand named Bradford Executive Travel. This vehicle was in our garage to have an MOT carried out.

If brands like Rhonda Cynon Taff Hackney Carriage, Bradford Executive Travel and Howells school can trust us to service their vehicles then you can too.

The reason we service top brands is because we are a trusted vehicle service garage that are reliable offering vehicle services at the right prices. What do we mean by right prices?

Well throuhgout the course of this year we have been able to provide a much more affordable service than main dealers without sacrificing an ounce on quality. Lets look at an example.

In the middle of the year we had a Nissan owner come to our garage workshop having been horrified with a quote given to him by the main dealer. What happened to his Nissan vehicle was the timing chain had snapped and caused a lot of engine damage. The main dealers quoted a price of £6000 to replace the timing chain as well as carrying out the addtional engine repairs.

With this being a big amount of money required to carry out the work the Nissan owner shopped around. Thankfully he found us, the Nissan vehicle is pictured below.

We replaced the timing chain and carried out the additional engine repair work for £1800, this was a £4200 saving.

Yes we are significantly better on price but the point is we dont sacrifice on quality of service. We have all of the most up-to-date vehicle technology if not better than what main dealers use. We only last year updated our garage facility with £100,000 worth of vehicle technology.

The photos below show an example of that technology. A computer software machine that gives us all of the latest fault codes for vehicle’s of all types. The computer was being used to diagnose a fault with a Mercedes vehicle.

So, why not give us a try. If you’re an individual with a problem with a vehicle or if you are an organisation and need many vehicles serviced we can help. We hope this has given you confidence in us that if you pick up the phone and give us a call you are seconds away from expert advice who can get the job done at the right prices.

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