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We hope you are enjoying the hot weather we are getting this summer, although if you haven’t got the air con serviced in your car it may be a little hot out and about in your vehicle. Today we are going to focus on our air conditioning service, and let you know why you should pick our garage to service your air con, here is our garage below enjoying the sunshine.

Firstly we charge £99 + VAT to service your air conditioning system and here is what is included in our service.

1) We check for leaks in the air con system.

2) We use high quality PAG oil to lubricate the compressor and pumps in your air con system.

3) We vacuum and remove the bacteria built up in your air con system over time.

4) We fully re-charge and gas refil the system if no leaks are found on test.

We offer a specialist high quality air con service, we are not like other garages who do half the job just to make a quick sale, we are here to ensure your air con system stays in perfect working condition.

Here is one of our specialist air con mechanics servicing the air conditioning system on a Nissan vehicle just this morning.

We are believers in investing in the best vehicle servicing technology, we invested £50,000 in a state of the art electrical bay where we carry out all of our air conditioning services. The electrical bay has all of the best and most up-to-date air con service technology, so when you come to our garage you can have confidence knowing your vehicle is in safe hands.

Watch out for cheap deals from other garages and don’t be fooled

Because it is hot right now garages are dropping their prices on their air conditioning services, but you have to watch out and not be fooled, here is why.

If you see a deal for something like £49 to service your air con then this is cheap, however garages who offer deals like this only want you to come in to recharge the gas in the system and then ship you out as fast as possible, basically these garages only do half the job.

These deals do not check for leaks, they do not service and check the compressor and they most of the time do not vacuum the system to remove bacteria. They want you in as quickly as possible and out as quickly as possible.

The problem with not checking for leaks is this, if there is a leak, what is the point of recharging the air con system in your car if there are leaks in the pumps, your air con system is going to last for a week before you are back at the garage again paying another bill to get the air con fixed, the difference here at A1 Diagnostics is we get you back out on the road first time around.

We are different because we check the entire air con system from top to bottom, if there is a leak we fix it, if there is any serious problem we make sure you know about it and the costs involved, we are with you from start to finish and in 99.9% of cases we do it all for £99 + VAT, our service is specialist.

We don’t just ship you into our garage to make a quick buck out of you, we want your air con system to be back in tip top condition when leaving our garage, but above all for your air con system to last a full 12 months before it needs servicing and re-charging again.

We have over 10 years experience in servicing air conditioning systems and have many happy customers. We have capacity at our garage to service the air con system of up to 20 vehicles a day, so dont go spending the rest of the summer all hot and flustered when out on the road, come to us, we will make sure you are ice cool when driving for the rest of the summer months.

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