Is your clutch ready to unleash the dreaded eggy smell

This week we have had vehicle owners ringing us and asking us why does it smell of egg in my vehicle. Well this is a classic sign of clutch burn out or it is ready to pop. The latest vehicle having clutch problems is this Ford Focus pictured below in our garage workshop.

This vehicle had the dreaded eggy smell however a number of other symptoms as well. The clutch was continuously slipping when changing gears, the customer no longer knew where his bite point was and the clutch felt very spongy.

The Ford Focus vehicle owner also lifted the bonnet up and removed the bell housing and could see lots of black dust inside, when he told us that we knew it was a clutch problem.

Our garage pictured below is kitted out with all of the latest clutch technology.

We invest heavily in clutch technology helping us deliver a fast and reliable clutch replacement service. We have mechanics here that have been working in the motor trade for many years replacing clutches on vehicles of all brand types. Our mechanics have replaced between them probably over 1000 clutches, we say this as we want you to have confidence in our services when you come to our garage your car is in safe hands.

Here are our mechanics working from our garage workshop pictured below.

In any given day we could have up to 30 vehicles waiting in our car park for servicing. We are telling you this because we want you to know we already have many happy customers who have plenty of confidence in our services and we want you to be the next. The photo below shows how busy we are with 33 vehicles waiting to go into the garage.

We have gone from 5 specialist service ramps to 10 service ramps as shown in the photo below.

This shows how we are growing and have many happy customers coming back to our garage as they know we are reliable and affordable on price.

Another reason to choose our garage is this. We are a BOSCH service garage and are endorsed by BOSCH. We were recently awarded a certificate for achieving excellence in our garage workshop. The certificate is pictured below.

So, if you are experiencing problems with the clutch get in touch with us and book your vehicle in. We are here to help and can repair or replace the clutch quickly and efficiently. If you need the clutch replaced in one day or a couple of hours, we can help. It does depend on the make of the vehicle how long it can take but normally we can turn clutch replacements quickly so get in touch today.

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