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Every month we show you some of our recent vehicle service work we carry out at our vehicle service garage pictured below, so this month we thought we would do a recap on all of the vehicle service work we have published through our blog to date that will help us show you just how diverse our work can be and that there is no job too big or small for us here at A1 Diagnostics.


We start off with a very specific job and one that shows our diverse skill set, not only do we service vehicles like cars, lorries and vans but we can also service motorcycles and motorbikes, pictured below we have a BMW motorbike that was experiencing electrical faults all repaired and now back out on the road.



Here are a selection of links that will take you to pages where you can see a whole range of vehicle service work carried out from our Cardiff based vehicle service garage, the information provided here should give you the confidence in us that when you bring your vehicle to our garage we can diagnose the problem quickly and carry out the work and get you back out onto the road quickly and efficiently at the best possible prices.

The link below will take you to a page where you will see information and photos on clutch repairs, engine and gearbox servicing, brake servicing and more.


Our second link will take you to a page where you can see service work being carried out on German manufactured vehicles like the R8 Audi that was experiencing steering problems, a vehicle that had problems with its exhaust bracket and a vehicle where we replaced the wheels and wishbone components.


Our third link will take you to a page where you will be able to see some engine work we carried out on a Renault Master vehicle, a clutch replaced on a Honda vehicle and more vehicle service work.


Our last link will take you to a page that truly demonstrates our diverse skill set from being able to service vehicles with electric window faults to replacing wheel rims and more.


Hopefully this article has shown you a wide range of vehicle service work we can carry out at our service garage, we have been servicing vehicles for more than 10 years and have mechanics working for us that have years of experience in the motor trade.

If you’re still not convinced then follow the link below to see work carried out by one of our happy customers Dave Bennett (Pictured below), here you will be able to see a video testimonial given by Dave and what he thought of the service and how happy he was with the work carried out from out Cardiff based service garage.



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