Dont be deceived by garages who have fake Facebook likes on their Facebook page

Today we are going to start raising awareness about a big problem in our industry. Social media use to promote the motor industry has risen massively. We use social media to promote our garage, a visual of our Facebook page is shown below. But, look out for the dodgy promotions run by crooked garages that are designed to hook you in and once you are hooked in, sadly, you may not get the best vehicle service.


Social media is a blessing and has many benefits for businesses and organisations of all types being able to interact with their customers, however, some businesses especially garages in the motor industry will try to manipulate Facebook pages to make you think they are a genuine operation.

It is very easy for motorists to be deceived. Because a Facebook page has 5,000 likes or 10,000 likes or even 20,000 likes doesn’t mean to say they are a trust worthy garage. Take into consideration that page likes can be bought from black hat companies abroad using fake Facebook profiles to boost Facebook page likes.


Companies abroad can setup thousands of Facebook profiles and then use those profiles to like pages. Although Facebook have clamped down and shutdown fake profiles we are still seeing fake profiles being used to prop up likes for garages locally and nationally.

The problem with being sucked into a fake Facebook page and then going to a garage that are indulging in these like tactics is this. The garage are probably desperate for customers, if they are involved in these kind of tactics then what are they up to when it comes to vehicle servicing.

From our own experience we can see that a lot of backstreet garages will use a Facebook page with fake likes to bring in work. The problem with using these one man garages is they no longer have the right technology to service modern day vehicles. This is dangerous for motorists, Why?

When you go to a garage you want to get to the heart of the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle, with the right tools and technology like our garage have you can do that. A backstreet garage might diagnose a problem that wasn’t even the problem then charge you for it. You then go out on the road and there is another problem, then another problem and so on. You end up with a stack of bills leading into the thousands of pounds.

The problem with this is the backstreet garage survives having done terrible work, motorists are funding them to continue their bad practice and even more motorist’s are at risk. So, be very careful who you find on the internet to carry out vehicle service work as they may seem trust worthy having 20,000 likes on their Facebook page, but, question this, is this a genuine audience.

In the coming weeks we will be publishing more information on how to spot these fake Facebook pages. It is so important to always look into the garage you will be dealing with. We will be setting out guidelines and a series of checks on how to ensure that the garage you are dealing with are genuine and have a good track record. But for now this is a warm up and an introduction giving you an insight on how to safeguard yourself from approaching dodgy garages.

Here at A1 Diagnostics we strive to win work on price, service and speed of vehicle servicing, offering the very best vehicle service work from our high tech garage shown below.


We are very concerned that customers are currently being sucked into garages that are not equipped to deal with vehicle problems but are charging the earth for the service. We hear this time and again from people coming to our garage having been stung by backstreet garages. So we are making a stand today to safeguard motorists, so stay tuned.

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