Engine and gearbox reconditioning why we have the advantage

We are known for our technical expertise in engine rebuilding and gearbox reconditioning and as we haven’t written about the engine services we offer recently we thought this would be a good time to have a recap and let you know why our engine services are so affective and why we have a competitive advantage in Cardiff.


Firstly we work alongside our sister company Major Motors and have full access to the stock that it carries next door to our vehicle service garage here in Cardiff opposite the Cardiff City Stadium (our garage pictured below). Our sister company Major Motors is the biggest engine and reconditioned gearbox stockist in Cardiff and we challenge anyone to have the same levels of stock.

But what does this mean? So what we have access to all that stock, well it is simple because we have access to this stock this means we don’t have to wait long lead times waiting for low mileage engines to be ordered and delivered, the likely hood is we are able to pull the correct engine from the stock we have access to meaning a faster service time for our customers.

Here are photos of the engine stock our sister company holds at Major Motors which is 10 seconds away from our A1 Diagnostics vehicle service garage, as you can probably tell it is quite an investment in stock and Major Motors invest heavily to ensure that their customers have access to stock at all times giving them competitive advantage like it does for us here at A1 Diagnostics.


All of the engines are imported directly and are all low mileage and reliable, because the engines are imported directly this means the middle man is cut out giving us the opportunity to be more price competitive than any of our competitors in Cardiff.

So if you are having engine problems or gearbox problems then why not come in for an assessment with us, we have worked on many vehicles of all types and are well known for our technical expertise on rebuilding engines getting you back out on the road quickly and we ensure your vehicle purrs like a kitten.

A great case study for you to look at is a recent engine rebuild we did for a happy client of ours called Dave Bennett who came to us needing a engine over haul on his Jaguar XKR, Dave is pictured below with his vehicle and all of the engine rebuilt in perfect working order.





Follow the link below and check out all of the work we did for Dave and hear from Dave in our video testimonial who couldn’t thank us enough because we were a garage with a positive attitude and there was nothing we couldn’t handle when refurbishing his Jaguar vehicle.


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