Are you experiencing problems with the ABS pump on your Mazda

We have been seeing a lot of Mazda vehicles coming to the garage workshop (pictured below) having problems with the ABS pump.

We have recently had to supply and fit two new ABS pumps on Mazda vehicles, here is our mechanic fitting one of the vehicles with the new ABS pump.

If you don’t know what an ABS pump is then here is some information. In the vehicle you drive there is a system called the Anti-Lock Braking System commonly known as ABS. The ABS is technology that help stop the vehicles wheels from locking when driving out on the road. Here is what a ABS pump looks like outside of the vehicle before fitting.

The reason this technology exists is for safety, if wheels ever locked out on the road it means cars can skid when braking and you would lose control of the vehicle compromising people’s safety both for motorists and pedestrians.

The ABS pump is essential to stop the wheels from locking as it controls the pressure being applied on the brake pedal. This is why the ABS pump is important because it is an essential part from stopping brake lock.

The ABS system could not function without the ABS pump. The wheels on any modern vehicle will have sensors and these sensors feed the ABS control unit with information telling it when the vehicle is about to lock. This information will instruct the ABS pump to open and close when needed controlling the fluid applied to the brakes. This is why the ABS pump is crucial as it ensures your brakes do not lock when out on the road and avoid possible accidents when under heavy braking and normal braking.

We can replace the ABS pump in your vehicle at affordable prices

We are here to deliver vehicle services to our customers reliably and at the right prices. Check out this scenario. A Nissan vehicle owner came to our garage having been quoted by a main dealer £2500 to replace the ABS pump including fitting time. We sourced the same high quality ABS pump and fitted the pump for £1000, over half price more cost effective than the main dealer.

The vehicle and the faulty ABS pump are shown below at our garage workshop.

This is why it is important to always shop around even in the motor industry. We can save motorists thousands of pounds. Common fault codes for ABS pumps are shown below.





C1288 – Brake pressure sensor

If you have any of these fault codes then get in touch as we can help. We can repair the ABS pump or fit a new one at much better prices than the main dealers saving you lots of money.

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