Are you experiencing problems with your cars or vehicles wheels

When your out on the road is your car or vehicle vibrating you to death. Well if it is then it is a classic sign that you are experiencing problems with the wheels of your car or vehicle. We can help service your cars or vehicles wheels. But before we get into that here are some symptoms of wheel problems to help you recognise you need to bring your vehicle in for a wheel service at our garage workshop pictured below.

So here we go. Let’s look at some of the symptoms and let you know about wheel problems helping you realise when you need a service.

Symptom 1 – Tyre problems

It may not be the physical side of the wheel and metal frame that holds the tyre. It maybe the tyre itself that is the cause of the problem and vibrations you are experiencing. Always ensure that when you drive out on the road you do so with the correct tyre pressures. Incorrect tyre pressures can lead to slow punctures and can cause some serious vibrations, not to mention it can be dangerous turning into corners.

Symptom 2 – Brake disc and rotors are bent causing wheel problems

Inside the wheel you have the brakes. If the brakes are not properly serviced and are left to wear then this can cause wheel problems. Mainly because warn out brakes can cause the discs and rotors to bend becoming deformed. If your car or vehicle is shaking and vibrating a lot then this can be the cause leading to wheel problems.

Symptom 3 – Damaged axles and bent axles can lead to wheel problems.

If you have had a bump or crash then the axle could have been damaged. A damaged axle means that it can lead to wheel problems because the axle is not even on both sides causing pressure on the wheels leading to vibrations.

So if you are getting vibrations in the car it is time to consider a few of the symptoms above. The wheels are obviously an important part of the vehicle and need to be safe at all times when out on the road. More often than not it is another component causing wheel problems like the tyres, brake discs and axle scenarios mentioned above.

Below are photos of our experienced mechanics working on the wheels of a FIAT car from our garage workshop. Here we replaced all four wheels on the vehicle after they had become damaged because the brakes had warn away and damaged the rims causing heavy vibrations.


We hope this has helped you recognise when you could potentially be experiencing wheel problems. We have years of experience in the trade and can help diagnose the faults with your vehicles wheels, so get in touch we are here to help.

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