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We have been letting you know all about the work being carried out from our car garage from the small jobs too the more complicated jobs. Well today we are going to give you an insight on a complicated job. We are going to show you a few photos of our experienced mechanics carrying out an engine rebuild on a BMW vehicle, hopefully showing you our expertise when it comes to engine rebuilding from our car garage pictured below.


A BMW car owner came to us as he was experiencing all kinds of problems with the vehicle pictured below.


Firstly the driver was hearing noises coming from under the bonnet and all kinds of rattling jerking vibrations all over the vehicle. The engine management light came on but by the time the vehicle owner could get the car to the garage the timing chain snapped, this brought the whole vehicle to a stand still.

We checked out the car’s engine firstly as the engine management light had come on and we could clearly see that there were a number of problems with the engine. Firstly the timing chain had snapped, looking deeper into the engine we could see that certain pistons had snapped and were cracked, likely this also caused the conrods in the engine to bend. So three pretty catastrophic engine problems that went wrong causing the vehicle to stop.

Because these are pretty big problems and the repairs to the engine would be costly we advised the vehicle owner the most cost effective way to get the car functioning again would be to rebuild and recondition the entire engine from start to finish. Reconditioning the engine would have meant that if there were any other gremlins hiding away in the engine they would also be fixed not causing more problems later leading to costly repairs.

We started off by completely stripping the engine down. The photo below shows the engine block all cleaned ready for us to begin rebuilding the engine around it.


We used quality parts and replaced old parts that looked warn, it is important that any parts replaced are to the highest standards ensuring they withstand the test of time when the engine is rebuilt and the vehicle is back out on the road. Engine parts that are unreliable only lead to more problems and costly repairs, so we ensure all parts replaced are of top quality.

We completely rebuilt the engine from start to finish and then refitted the engine to the BMW vehicle. Here are photos of our experienced mechanics fitting the repaired and reconditioned engine.


The vehicle is now out on the road driving perfectly with a reliable healthy engine. We hope this publication has given you a good insight to our expertise in our car garage when it comes to engine rebuilding on all brands of vehicle.

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