Keep your family safe when out travelling on your summer holidays

The summer holidays are fast approaching and if you’re taking the family on a holiday then make sure that your vehicle is safe and ready to go the distance. We have had many motorists coming to our vehicle garage pictured below who have been having all kinds of problem’s on their road trips.


We had one motorist come to the garage with his brake discs warn out after going on holiday with the family. The problem is this, if you have brakes that are not up to scratch it is very dangerous to drive your vehicle out on the road especially when the family is in the vehicle. Here is the BMW vehicle being fitted with new brake pads on our vehicle service ramp.


If you know you are going away with the family then why leave it to chance, get your vehicle in for a service and make sure the vehicle is road worthy. The last thing you need is an accident out on the road that leads to injury and ruining your holiday.

Check this out. One motorist came to our garage after a road trip with the most dangerous tyres we have ever seen. Here is a photo of one of the tyres warn to the wire.


The dangerous thing about this is if you’re doing a ton on the motorway like most motorists do, what happens when you have a blow out at 100mph, you could end up having a very serious accident and the last thing you want is any injury or even a fatality when out on your family holiday, the results of having warn out tyres could be devastating.

We have all of the facilities to service your vehicle. We have dealer level technology and invest heavily in the latest vehicle systems to ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly checked. Get in touch today and book your vehicle in for a service at our garage pictured below.


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