We are filling our electronics bay with advanced vehicle diagnostic technology

Last week we let you know that our new electronics bay is up and running (photographed below) and it is not only open but we are filling it up with some of the most advanced diagnostics equipment to help offer our customers more reliable servicing and even more vehicle related services.




Here is our next bit of kit that we have invested in and it is equipment that will help collaborate the Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), these are things like the camera sensors on the car that help you park or the cruise control systems. This equipment can be used to collaborate the ADAS on many vehicle brand types especially German manufactured vehicles from Audi, BMW, Mercedes and many more brands.

The equipment is shown in photographs below.




Here is a list of the type of ADAS vehicle systems that we can now offer diagnostics in and help you collaborate any of these systems if they become faulty or misaligned.

– Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

– Adaptive high beam

– Glare-free high beam and pixel light

– Adaptive light control: swivelling curve lights

– Automatic parking

– Automotive night vision

– Blind spot monitor

– Collision avoidance system (Precrash system)

– Crosswind stabilization

– Cruise control

– Driver drowsiness detection

– Driver Monitoring System

– Electric vehicle warning sounds used in hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles

– Emergency driver assistant

– Forward Collision Warning

– Intersection assistant

– Hill descent control

– Intelligent speed adaptation or intelligent speed advice (ISA)

– Lane departure warning system

– Lane change assistance

– Parking sensor

– Pedestrian protection system

– Rain sensor

– Surround View system

– Traffic sign recognition

– Turning assistant

– Vehicular communication systems

– Wrong-way driving warning

As we keep saying vehicle brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW and more continually update their vehicles with new technology and it is up to us the independent garages to ensure we can offer diagnostic services for whenever these new technologies go wrong in the car.

To see even more investments we have made in vehicle technology read the blog publication linked below, we always say here at A1 Diagnostics we are customer driven and this article shows even more investments we have made for our customers that help us deliver reliable vehicle servicing.


Are you a local main dealer

If you are a local main dealer based in the South Wales area why not get in touch with us and save having to invest in the technologies yourselves, we offer a full trade service and you can use our services and equipment that helps configure ADAS vehicle systems.

We have mechanics and electronic technicians with years of experience that can help diagnose electronic faults within the vehicle and having one of the best electronics bay with state of the art equipment helps us deliver a very reliable service for our customers at affordable prices.

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