Don’t be fooled by counterfeit vehicle parts they will cost you more in vehicle repairs

Always becareful of where you source car parts from. Our policy at our garage pictured below is to only fit the part in vehicle we supply.

We only fit the parts we supply as we know where we have sourced them from and know they are reliable. In the industry at the moment there is great concern that the market is being flooded with counterfeit parts. This means motorists are getting their own vehicle parts in on the cheap, then getting a garage to fit them.

This method being used by motorists has turned out to be a mistake, because once the parts they have sourced are fitted they fail inside the vehicle after a short space of time. When parts fail they cause more damage to the internal components of the vehicle like the engine.
Motorists may think that they are saving money in the long run but they really are not, they are doing more damage to their vehicle and once that damage is done it will cost them a bucket load to fix the vehicle.

Only ever use vehicle parts that you can get from reply sources, for example, we get our vehicle parts from BOSCH, a company that has been around for more than 50 years and have a reputation for quality. These vehicle parts will last the test of time in the vehicle unlike counterfeit parts that fail in no time and end up doing more damage to your vehicle costing you more in repairs costs.

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