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Who has enjoyed the sunshine recently and it is a good sign that we are in for some nice weather over the spring and summer. With nice weather that’s going to mean warm cars and vehicles, hot leather seats and hot steering wheels but does it have to be this way?


Well here at A1 Diagnostics we have one of the best facilities and all of the latest equipment to help service your vehicles air conditioning system, you really don’t have to feel uncomfortable on your journeys in and around Cardiff and South Wales in the spring and summer, let us give you a free health check and check up to see if your air conditioning system is up to scratch.

Last summer we serviced over 200 vehicles air conditioning system and the reason our customers come to us is because we offer the best customer service and also have the best facilities, the photos show below our air conditioning equipment that enable us to recharge your system, we invest in the best equipment as it gives you a reliable and fast service.



We have different air conditioning service for cars of all brand types and can cater for all brands, our equipment has all the built in specifications to tailor for any vehicle, if you have a BMW or a Mercedes vehicle then we can program our equipment to talk with your car and service that vehicle to the exact specification as a main dealer.

We offer air conditioning repair for cars much more cost effective than the main dealers, if you go to the main dealers you could be spending hundreds of pounds more purely because they are the main dealer and main brand, we offer air conditioning services and repairs for less than £100 and we promise a quick turnaround as we know you need to be back out on the road quickly and obviously cooly during the spring and summer months.

Here is what we look for and what our air conditioning service looks to improve in your air conditioning system,

• We look at the vehicles tracer pump throughout the system to check for leaks

• We check the antibacterial clean and freshener levels that help to remove bacteria from the system

• Oil to reseal and lubricate the pipes and pumps

• We will refill the gas in the air conditioning system which is a vital part that makes the system work

As we are customer driven and we realise that our customer’s need different price plans to suit their budgets we offer two services one at £40 Inc VAT and one at £99 Inc VAT, each price entails different services but gives you options of having a budget service or the full service but both are effective, however don’t forget we can do a free health check so if there is a problem you can comeback at a later time for a service.

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