Get your vehicle in for an MOT and avoid the mad dash

The government have suspended the MOT extension given to motorists to get their MOT certificate for their vehicle. The original extension lasted to November 2020, this however has been brought back to August 2020. What this means is if your vehicle has not been through it’s MOT exceeding the August 2020 date given by the government, then it is illegal to drive your vehicle out on the road.

The RAC today have called on all of its members to ensure that they avoid the mad dash to the garages to get an MOT done on their vehicle. There are literally thousands of cars out on the road that were due to have their MOT however with Covid19 forcing a lock down rules were relaxed, the government granted an extension and gave motorists an extra 6 months grace to get their MOT certificate updated for their vehicle.

However, with the extension being scrapped that means there will be a massive influx of MOT bookings in garages. If the garages are fully booked and backed up for weeks on end and your MOT is over the August 2020 extension period, this means you will not be able to drive your car out on the road, it would be illegal and unsafe to do so.

If you are found to be driving an unsafe vehicle you could be slapped with a big fine, the worst case scenario is if you ended up in an accident and people sustained serious injury, this could lead to prosecution and prison terms could be likely. No we are not trying to scare you, the point is A1 Diagnostics have always been passionate about ensuring all of our customers cars are safe and road worthy.

The last thing we want is to have a customer who ended up in an accident that could have serious consequences if they have been found driving an unsafe vehicle, so we simply say heed this warning, get your car booked in for your MOT, ensure there are no delays and let us MOT your vehicle on time at the right prices.

If we find any faults with your vehicle we ensure all of our customers and new customers only get the best prices for vehicle servicing, we will service your vehicle with all of the latest vehicle technology and pin point exact faults, this means we offer a reliable MOT and vehicle service getting you back out on the road quickly and safely.

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