Five great reasons to use A1 Diagnostics vehicle service garage in 2016

Here are five great reasons to use our vehicle service garage pictured below in 2016.


1. With our sister company Major Motors We have over 20 years’ experience in the motor trade

Combined with our sister company Major Motors we have 20 years experience in the motor trade here in Cardiff and have a wide variety of services to cater for every vehicle dilemma. We have mechanics that also have many years’ experience who can pin point the exact faults with your vehicle and rectify them quickly at our garage pictured below getting you back out on to the road.


2. We can save you money, FACT!

We are known for saving our customers money. In 2015 we had a Nissan vehicle owner come to our garage having been quoted a price of £2500 by the main dealer to replace an ABS pump, with this being a high price the vehicle owner came to us and we not only ordered the part in but also fitted it for £1000 a saving of £1500. The Nissan vehicle is pictured below along with the faulty ABS pump we replaced, the owner is now back out on the road.




3. We have lots of happy customers

Throughout 2015 we received lots of testimonials from our happy customers. Here are a few testimonials and also a video testimonial from Dave Bennett who was our most enthusiastic happy customer leaving our garage with a reconditioned Jaguar XKR. Here are the testimonials.

Karl Harris said,

“Wonderful people and service as always from A1 Diagnostics. My car had a whole host of engine problems but it’s now running like a dream. Thank you again”

Matthew Brown said,

“Really happy with my Fiat Punto repair after its MOT fail. I expected a fair old bill on this car due to its age but I was delighted with the cost. I’m also really happy with how clean the car was when I got it back. That’s probably the cleanest it’s ever been!”

Paul Brent said,

“Thank you guys so much for servicing my AUDI R8 so quickly, I will see you in the future for a service”

And finally we have a video testimonial from Dave Bennett and a few photos of him happy receiving his fully reconditioned Jaguar XKR below from our garage workshop.




4. We are Cardiff’s biggest low mileage engine stockist

Engine facilities and engine stock are a core part of our business. A1 Diagnostics and our sister company Major Motors are Cardiff’s biggest stockists of low mileage engines and engine parts for reconditioned vehicle engines – so, if you’re looking for an affordable low mileage engine, you know where to come.

A big advantage for you is you don’t have to wait weeks on end for an engine order to be delivered the likely hood is we already stock it and can fit the engine quickly and efficiently. Below are photos showing our commitment and investment in engine stock and gearbox stock.



5. We invest in the very best equipment

To ensure you get the very best servicing from our vehicle service garage we always ensure we get the best equipment and invest heavily to ensure we have all the facilities giving you the best possible service. There is a reason why we have so many happy customers and great testimonials and that is because we have fantastic facilities and are reliable finding the exact faults quickly and repairing them quickly being cost effective at the same time.

Here is evidence of the equipment we have invested in recently demonstrating our commitment in having the best facilities. Here we have a £20,000 investment in an Autologic Diagnostics System which we can plug into your vehicle helping us identify and find the exact faults, this software and system investment will help us ensure a much more reliable vehicle service pin pointing the exact problem and fixing it so you don’t have to keep coming back to the garage. Here are photos of the Autologic Diagnostics System.





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