Why independent garages need to survive

In the vehicle market technology is continually changing day and night. The main brands from Audi, Mercedes, BMW and more top brands continue to introduce new technology to their vehicles and it is up to independent garages to make sure they have the very best facilities to ensure that when a problem arises with somebodies vehicle we can repair or offer maintenance ensuring vehicles remain safe out on the road. A1 can help independent garages in South Wales having invested in all of the latest vehicle technologies at our own garage workshop pictured below here in Cardiff.

With technology continually changing it can be difficult to offer reliable vehicle maintenance and repair, such modern vehicles require all of the necessary up-to-date vehicle technologies and best facilities to offer great diagnostics when vehicles are due an MOT or problems arise with the owner’s vehicle.

If a garage does not have the necessary technology then it is almost impossible to offer the most reliable vehicle servicing and in most cases the customer will continue to come back and forth to the garage with more problems. As a garage this is not what you want, the best thing for a vehicle owner is to come to your garage and the garage to pin point the exact faults with the vehicle on that first visit and repair these faults quickly and efficiently at the best possible price.

If your customer is faced with bill after bill, visit after visit and is still receiving problems with the vehicle then this doesn’t look good for the garage and its future reputation, because technology is changing it can be hard to offer reliable servicing leading to the customer coming back and forth to the garage time after time.

But don’t worry, here at A1 Diagnostics we have invested in over £50,000 in vehicle technology and offer a full trade service for garages all over South Wales offering all of the very latest vehicle technology needed to help your garage service your customer’s modern day vehicles. We carry out all of our vehicle service work from our garage in Cardiff shown in the photos below.

Follow the article below to see some of the latest technology we have invested in helping us support independent garages all over South Wales.


Going back to the original question, why independent garages need to survive? Well the answer is simple with technology in modern day vehicles changing so much customers are going to have no option but to go to the main dealers and be faced with high prices for vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Independent garages should have the option to offer vehicle maintenance at a far better price than that charged at the main dealer, vehicle owners going to independent garages will be better faced with more cost effective price charges that doesn’t hit their bank balance as hard or as much as it would going to a main dealer.

To give you confidence in our services check out a video testimonial given recently to us from our happy customer Dave Bennett in the article linked below, a full list of work is also shown showing the kind of extensive work we can carry out.


So if you are an independent garage and are struggling to stay in touch with current vehicle technology for whatever reasons then give us a call and enquire about our trade service. Like we have mentioned earlier we have invested in over £50,000 in vehicle technology, can help repair, maintenance and service your customers vehicle getting the vehicle to our garage and back to your garage anywhere in South Wales in tip top condition at fantastic prices ensuring that you also make a profit.

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