We have installed two brand new 3D tracking and wheel alignment ramps

Over the past two weeks we have been installing two fully approved 3D BOSCH tracking and wheel alignment ramps that are also MOT test lanes. These ramps are a £50,000 investment in facilities and further demonstrates our commitment to invest in the best technology to continue our high standards in car and vehicle servicing for our customers from our garage pictured below.


The photo below shows the tracking and wheel alignment ramp supplied by BOSCH. This is a nice clean photo to show you the technology.


Here are photos of our mechanics who are fully trained on the latest car and vehicle technology working on one of our new tracking and wheel alignment ramps.




These new tracking ramps are specially designed to service wheel alignments and tracking on vehicles of all brand types but above all to service German manufactured vehicles and cars from Audi, Mercedes, BMW, SKODA and Volkswagen.

These new ramps are also MOT test bays. Having new MOT test bays and two new ramps will allow us to double the capacity of the amount of cars and vehicles we can MOT at the garage meaning faster servicing and quicker car and vehicle pick up times for our customers.

More about the tracking and wheel alignment ramps

The new ramps allow us to align your cars wheels properly and to the most precise and accurate measurements. A sign that your car or larger vehicle needs to have the wheels re-aligned is when you are steering the vehicle in a straight line and the car starts veering left or to the right. This is a clear sign that the wheels are mis-aligned and need re-aligning.

If this is happening to your vehicle you now know that we have the top facilities to help re-align the wheels especially if you own a German manufactured car.

What can cause tracking and wheel alignment problems is you may have gone over a pavement stone quite quickly and have given the wheel a fair knock. Another reason is simple wear and tear being out on the road and making a series of sharp turns over time will cause the wheels to become mis-aligned and the tracking to be off.

If you think you are having problems with the tracking and wheel alignment of your vehicle get in touch with us. The top priority is ensuring that your vehicle is safe out on the road, if the vehicle is veering left and right this can make it hard to control the vehicle and hard to drive the car making journeys hazardous.

We offer a comprehensive service and were recently recognised by BOSCH being awarded a certificate for passing an audit and achieving excellence from the garage workshop. The certificate presented to us is shown below and also on display at the garage so you can see for yourselves when you pop in for an appointment.


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