We invest in top equipment to give you the best possible vehicle service

Over the past 12 months we have been investing in equipment of all kinds to ensure we maintain our high standards in vehicle servicing. We have built up a reputation for being a vehicle service garage (pictured below) that you can trust and have gained many new customers giving us great testimonials on their experience in dealing with us.


Because we have the best state of the art equipment and mechanics with years of experience and know how in the trade we have all the confidence in helping vehicle owners with their vehicle gremlins from the simple stuff like broken windscreen wipers to more complex work like gearbox reconditioning and low mileage engine refits.

Here is evidence of the equipment we have invested in this year demonstrating our commitment in ensuring we have the best facilities at our Cardiff based vehicle service garage. We start off with our recent £20,000 investment in an Autologic Diagnostics System pictured below.





The Autologic system and software can be plugged into your vehicle helping us identify and find the exact faults, this software and system investment will help us ensure a much more reliable vehicle service pin pointing the exact problem and fixing it so you don’t have to keep coming back to the garage.

Our next investment in equipment is the SafetyKleen washer designed specifically for washing all kinds of vehicle parts, gearbox parts and engine parts. The SafetyKleen washer is also trusted by F1 teams and F1 engineers as they help deliver more performance out of vehicle parts after they have been cleaned, for example if your gearbox needs reconditioning and stripping down it is important to ensure that all the parts are cleaned and free from built up oil sludge and thick black dust build up, once they are free of dirt and clean you will get far more performance out of those parts. Here are photos of our specially made SafetyKleen washer we recently used to clean gearbox parts looking as good as new.



Last but not least we also invested in a new air conditioning unit, this bit of equipment is very handy for servicing your vehicles air conditioning as it can work to specific vehicle requirements, for example if your vehicle model is a BMW or a Mercedes our air conditioning unit will ensure that it services the vehicle according to its model specifications, this ensures a reliable service. Here are photos of our air conditioning unit in action during the summer servicing a BMW’s air conditioning system.



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