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We have a lot of 5 star reviews being written up on our Facebook page, yes we get a few bad apples and some customers that are hard to please what business doesn’t have that problem. But check out our latest 5 star reviews from two new customers who have recently come to A1 Diagnostics needing vehicle servicing from our garage pictured below based in the heart of Cardiff.

We start with a small but reassuring 5 star review and testimonial from Neil Ware shown below, Neil said.

“Repaired my turbo , I’m very happy With the service and team”

Neil who is now another happy customer for us here at A1 Diagnostics. Our next 5 star review and testimonial is from a customer named Gery Adley who was quoted thousands of pounds to repair his BMW vehicle which was misfiring but we saved him thousands of pounds and avoided him being ripped off by another garage, read Gery’s story below.

“Wonderful service and helpful people, I had been to 3 garages to repair my BMW petrol which had a misfire, everyone told me I would need to spend £2000-3000 for the repair. Being honest I told A1 Diagnostics that I had been quoted this kind of money from 3 other garages. Clive told me to book in for a diagnostic which cost me £65.00 + VAT and what a diagnostic I had.

The car was repaired by A1 Diagnostics and has been working the best it has ever worked every day since I have had it for over 2 months. Best of all the total bill was £140.00inc VAT my diagnostic!!!!!!! what a saving, I would safely say the car garage is not a rip off, as knowing I was prepared to pay up to £3000.00 they didn’t con me in anyway shape or form thank you for the work and honesty.

Thank you to the team…..will highly recommend them and be back!!


So the moral of this story is this, SHOP AROUND for the best and most affordable vehicle service garage as in Gery’s case he could well have spent £2000 to £3000 more than he actually needed to. In some cases but not all you have to work with garages that have years of experience in the motor trade like we do and a garage that has built its reputation up on service, price and reliability like we have.

Gery’s story is exactly why we have a solid customer base and why customers keep coming back to our service garage. We pride ourselves on service, quality, reliability and price, we also invest thousands of pounds in the latest technology ensuring our mechanics get the very best equipment giving our customers the most reliable servicing, only last year did we invest in over £30,000 in new facilities so you know we mean business.

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